Obama: «Freeze all settlements on the West Bank of the Atlantic ocean»

A group of Israelis on Wednesday protested US President Barack Obama’s demand for a Jewish settlement freeze by dressing up as Native Americans outside the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Did they come to occupy, or did they come to liberate?
Did they come to occupy, or did they come to liberate?

The protestors noted that not so long ago, the US seized land it has no prior connection to in order to expand its borders, while Obama is denying Jews the right to live on lands that form the very cradle of their civilization and faith.

To demonstrate the absurdity of Obama’s position, the protestors carried signs insisting that the US surrender lands it stole from the Native Americans. They read:

“Three countries for three races”
“America, we understand you – understand us, too”
“Freeze building west of the Atlantic Ocean. Red-skinned American within 1492 border”

Organizers told Ynet they were unable to obtain a permit to hold a larger demonstration, but that many tourists and passersby saw what they were doing and joined in the protest.

Source: The Israeli Magazine Israel Today

My comment:

Good to have you back on this site.

I wounder If you returned to America? I mean, the Italian and Irishmen were settlers on the West bank of the Atlantic?

Was the land stolen, or was it liberated? If it was stolen, when will it be given back?

A reader once wrote to me and claimed that something was stolen from the Palestinians in 1948?

Before 1948, Jerusalem was occupied by United Kingdom. That year the Jews liberated the Western part of their capital.

I guess East Jerusalem was liberated from Jordanian occupation in 1967? When was anything stolen?

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