Bildt banned in Sri Lanka. Jerusalem should copy

Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt has blood on his hands from Sri Lanka
Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt has blood on his hands from Sri Lanka

«Save the state of Israel from men like Carl Bildt». He supported the Tamil Tigers, and his public statements on the Middle East breed Jew-hate in Sweden.

Carl Bildt vas denied entry to Sri Lanka on the 28th of April. Now the Swedish Foreign Minister should be banned from state state of Israel, till He publicly condemn Jew-hate in the largest Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Friday, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Benny Dagan, in a meeting with Sweden’s state secretary for foreign affairs, Frank Belfrage, demanded that Sweden should «lift this cloud over ties prior to the visit of Foreign Minister Carl Bildt to Israel»

Bildt is scheduled to visit Israel on September 10.

Why was Carl Bildt denied entry to Sri Lanka on 28th of April?

Tamil Tiger suicide bomber
Tamil Tiger suicide bomber

Few European leaders have done more damage to Sri Lanka then Carl Bildt, and the Norwegian minister for Foreign Aid, Erik Solheim. Both of them supported a «two-state-solution» in Sri Lanka, where the Fascist Tamil Tiger Movement build up a terror state with Killinochi as its capital. This could not have been done with out financial support from Norway and Sweden. The Tigers used blood money from Sweden to developed an terrorist air force, and even had mini submarines who could sink Sri Lankan navy units.

This terror state in the Norther and Eastern state of Sri Lanka crippled the Indian Ocean state for almost 20 year, and almost brought it to its knees. The political agenda of the Tigers was the same as of Hamas. Widespread use of snipers and suicide bombers from Colombo in the West to Galle in the South, and political assassinations of political rivals within the Tamil community.

Hamas suicide bomber
Hamas suicide bomber

When the Tamil Tiger was facing defeat in at horrible civil war, the Swedish Foreign Minister wanted to come to Sri Lanka to give the terror state in the North, a helping hand. The language which Bildt was using in Colombo, is the same as he uses towards Israel:

«The Tamil people had a right to fight for a two-state-solution, and suicide bombers is a result of land occupation and an Apartheid style Government in Colombo surpressing a minority»

When Bildt wanted to come to Colombo in April to put pressure on the Sri Lanka Government to force them into «cease fire», just before the Tigers terrorists were defeated, Colombo did the only right thing. They called up the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm, and told Bildt to stay home.

That is exactly what Jerusalem should do. Tell the Swedish Foreign Minister and holder of the Chairmanship in the European Union, to go an damage someone else’s country with his fake humility and ill-mannered financial support of goons. And stay out of Eretz Israel.

Yuval Steinitz: «Bildt might not be welcomed to Israel»

Yuval Steinitz
Yuval Steinitz

Ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting expressed outrage at the article and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz went so far as to say that those who refuse to condemn such libel «may not be welcome in the state of Israel»

While Steinitz did not specify his meaning, his comments were possibly a reference to Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who is set to visit Israel in early September but has rejected calls to condemn the story.

«We have a crisis until the Swedish government responds differently»
Steinitz said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

Israel suspends Swedish press permits over anti-Semitic article

Israel’s interior minister Ellie Yishai Sunday suspending the press credentials of Swedish correspondents working in Israel after the Swedish government refused to condemn an Aftonbladet article accusing Israel’s military of stealing organs from dead Palestinians.

Source: The Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

This is not a vise stand of the Government of Israel. It fuels arguments, like «surely Israel has something to hide». In stead, the Israeli Government should invite the journalists to join the IDF on the frontiers. Let the press visa include a complementary stay in Sderot for a week or so.

When the Swedish Journalists enters Gaza, tell them to return to Sweden through the Rafah gate with Egypt. Since that border crossing is closed by the Muslim nation south of Israel, Let the Swedish journalist make an article about the «Egyptian occupation of Gaza».

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