To blame Israel puts gasoline on Arabian flames

To blame Israel for the conflict in the Middle East, is not only unjust. Its also the best way to radicalize the Islamic World. This facsimile of Jew-hate in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet is just one of many puppets of the enemies of truth.

This weeks blod liebel against Jews published in the largest Swedish daily «Aftonbladet»
This weeks blod liebel against Jews published in the largest Swedish daily «Aftonbladet»

The free and democratic World is presently filled with foolishness, in regards to all the failed « peace processes» in the Middle East. The lesson has to be:

«When the West give in to Arab demands that are not justified based on truth, it does not make the Arabs more humble and willing to make peace. This kind of Western attitude is seen as weakness in the Arab world. It just puts more gasoline on the flames of hate, wickedness and violence».

This week we saw the Swedish daily Aftenbladet falling into god old Nazi propaganda style of reporting. To claim that Israeli soldiers in the IDF are acting like the Nazis, is to prepare for justification of the ideology that lead to the slaughter of 60 million people in World War II. Hitler was convinced, and millions of his faithful with him, that it is the Jewish people who are the stumbling block on our way to World Peace. A peace that has never been, and will never come, before the Messiah make a touch down in Jerusalem.

The devil will finally hide behind an almost «perfect» plan to make peace, that will bring God`s wrath up on His creation. That peace plan based of falsehood will at the end of the road map, trigger evil on planet Earth unlike seen before.

Since this is God`s plan for salvation of Israel, and all saved righteous gentiles, there in no one who can stop this from happening. The only way you can survive, is to get into tribulation mode. Get ready for the worst ride of you life, before you land up in Heavenly glory. If you chose to side with the wicked, you will end up in the eternal lake of fire. You have a free will to chose.

The Devil, the father of all lies, started to accuse the Jewish people from the day they were elected as God `s chosen people. They were elected to bring us the knowledge of who God is. During the plagues of the Middle Ages, the Jews were accuses by the children of the devil of poisoning the wells, and being the reason behind all the sickness and death who struck us like scorpions.

Rome persecuted Jews and burnt them

Journalist in Aftenbladet, Sweden, Donald Bostrøm
Journalist in Aftonbladet, Sweden, Donald Bostrøm

Bishops and priests in the Roman Catholic Church called for punishment of the Jewish people, claiming they were kidnapping children to drink their blood. The Jews was also persecuted for killing Jesus, an act of murder committed by stealing the Eucharist, supposed to contain the physical Jesus present on Earth. This copy-cat Jesus doctrine is still taught by Rome.

Today the Jews are accused of being the instrument behind the swine flue. In Sweden, the Jews are accused of stealing body parts from Arab Muslims in Gaza. Only God knows what false accusations that will be raised against them next. The only thing I am sure of is, that the fake and falsehood will be way ahead of my imagination.

Welcome to the age of the return of the Messiah.

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