Sweden 1938: «Give Neville Chamberlain the Nobel peace price»

In 1938, a group of Parliamentarians in Sweden wanted to give the Nobel peace prize to Neville Chamberlain. They were mocked by one of their own, who suggested Adolf Hitler was a better candidate.

1940: Hitler had just brought peace to Paris.

His name was Erik Brandt. He had the gift of discerning the dangerous time he was living in. The same discernment is deeply needed in our present days.

Brandt sent this letter to the Parliament of Norway, the Nobel price committee

«With all respect, I would like to propose the German Reich canceler and Fuhrer Adolf Hitler for Nobel Peace prize for the year 1939, who have enlightened millions of people, and who among all men are worthy of this high honor»
«From authentic documents, we can acknowledge that the World peace was in great danger in 1938, and that it was a matter of hour´s that an European war might have started. The man who solved this situation saved our continent, from this enormous catastrophe, was certainly the great leader of the German people. In the critical moment, he freely restrained from exploding mines, even though he had the powers to start a World War».

«Out of his love for peace, earlier explained in his famous book Mein Kampf, after the Bible, the literature of the Worlds most outstanding teachings, and his past record of solving conflicts by peaceful means, without spilling blood, with Austria freely coming a part of Germany, we assure he will in critical situations, abstain from using violence, when he moves on to liberate the home longing Germans in Sudetenland , as a part of making his fatherland big and mighty».

«It is than very likely, that Hitler, if he is not disturbed by war loving enemies, will in a peaceful manner, fulfill his highest wishes, to see a pacifistic Europe and may be the whole World».

«Unfortunately, there are many people, who are not able to see the greatness in Adolf Hitlers effort to bring peace. And I herewith suggest that you as soon as possible give him the Nobel Peace prize, since another group of Parliamentarians in Sweden have suggest another candidate, the Prime Minister of England, Neville Chamberlain».

Hiter brings peace to Vienna in 1938
Hiter brings peace to Vienna in 1938

«Such a suggestion does not seems to be well taught through. It is of course correct, that Chamberlain from the goodness of his heart, and his understanding of Hitlers work for peace, have contributed to save Europe from war. But the final hard work and approval, was not with Chamberlain, but with Hitler. It is Hitler, and no one else, who have safeguarded World peace, and whom we have to trust for as the keeper of peace in Europe».

«It has to be admitted, that Chamberlain have contributed to peace in Europe, and that you should consider giving him a minor part oft he prize. But see through that the name of the British Prime Minsters do not be permitted to cast shadows on the greatness of Hitler. Adolf Hitler is the greatest leader of our times, a man of God`s mercy, the prince of peace, in whom millions of people have put their trust».

Stockholm, 27th of January 1939
E. G. C. Brandt. Member of the Parliament of Sweden.

My comment:

When Yasser Arafat was nominated to the Nobel Peace prize, he took the price that many people said Hitler should have got.

Like Hitler, Arafat was branded a man of peace
Like Hitler, Arafat was branded a man of peace

Very little has changed from 1938 to 2009. Just replace the name Hitler with Arafat in the above letter from E. G. C. Brandt.. Replace the Word Austria with Judea and Samaria, and Sudetenland with Gaza. And replace the name of Chamberlain with «Peace now», or whatever name of an anti-Zionist Jew you can remember.

The product in your hand will now be a perfect example of how history repeats it self.

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