Hamas terrorist hides behind white flag in bid to escape the IDF

First he plants an explosive on the building, than he runs inside a house full of civilians. Than he mingle among people who waives a white flag in a bid to escape being arrested by the IDF.

IDF video from Operation Cast Lead in Gaza
IDF video clip from Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The white flag was respected by the IDF, but dishonored by Hamas.

Islamic terrorists do not intend to fight a war inline with the International laws for combat. One of the rules is the respect of the white flag as a sign of surrender, and the ban on targeting civilians.

During the operation cast lead in Gaza, Hamas broke all this rules. The Islamic terrorists made it almost impossible for the IDF to arrest Hamas soldiers, and do so without civilians being killed in the war zone.

IDF video clip from Operation Cast Lead in Gaza
IDF video clip from Operation Cast Lead in Gaza

The good news is that its impossible to lie all the time. Modern technology has made it possible for the IDF to monitor the battlefield with air born Video-cameras. One of the war crimes of the misuse of the white flag was caught on tape, and released by the IDF.

This is the IDF`s version of the video you are invited to watch:

Captured in this aerial footage, a Hamas terrorist plants an IED and then climbs into a house containing uninvolved civilians. Later the civilians and the Hamas terrorist exit the house waiving a white flag.

Take a look your self: Click here:

Human Right Watch could have avoided tainting the Israeli army accusing them for shooting people who are waiving white flags, by just contacting the IDF. The Videos they could have studied,if their were interested in knowing the truth, would have spoken for them selves.

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