Mubarak: «No peace with Israel if we first have to recognize the Jewish state»

Arab states will be willing to recognize and normalize ties with Israel only after a just and comprehensive Middle East peace is achieved, but not before.

Obama and Husni Mubarak. The Egyptian leader has given us fresh reasons to doubt that we can ever trust Arabs
Obama and Hosni Mubarak. The Egyptian leader has given us fresh reasons to doubt that we can ever trust Arabs in regards to Israels security.

This is a statement by the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Monday, given to the daily newspaper al-Ahram.

Mubarak is in Washington for talks with the U.S. administration lead by President Barack Obama.Mubarak told the al-Ahram daily that the Arab experience with stalled peace talks in the wake of the 1991 Madrid peace conference «did not encourage» taking steps towards normalization with Israel.

Source: The Israeli Daily «Haaretz».

My comment:

There is always a chance that media has misquoted Hosni Mubarak. Lets give him the benefits of doubt. But the Arab leaders have always had a tendency to say something into Western TV-cameras, and say the extreme opposite to Arabian media to make their subjects happy.

If Mubarak is not misquoted, than what was the 1979 Camp David peace agreement between Israel and Egypt all about?

If this deal is not an Egyptian recognition of the Jewish state of Israel, than its no peace agreement at all. Than there is only a cease fire between Israel and Egypt. If so, I guess Israel also has the right to not recognize the Sinai desert as a part of Egypt?

There is a lot of Biblical reasons, why Israel can and should claim a right to return to and ownership over Sinai. It was there the Jewish people received The Law of Moses, and God confirmed their election as His chosen people. Thats any day a better claim than Egypt will ever get to support an Islamic take over of Jewish land.

7 thoughts on “Mubarak: «No peace with Israel if we first have to recognize the Jewish state»

    1. Dear Dallas Kirk.

      To be frank, Israel have never occupied anything. They have only Liberated. Even Lebanon. Being under the yoke of Syria and radical Islam, the IDF once stood at the gates of Beirut. If the Lebanese people only knew what kind of pain and misery they could have been liberated from, they would not have fired a single rocket on Israel….

  1. It is strange to me that the Arab people don’t shun the Islamic religion for it is nothing but an oppressive lie of the devil but I am assuming that they have been given over to a reprobate mind else wise they would come out of it.

  2. Dear Dallas Kirk.

    Where did the Arabs go wrong? Islam has told them that Eretz Israel belongs to the sons and daughters of Ishmael. Not to the sons and daughters of Isaac and Jacob.

    This is a legal battle in the Spiritual realm. Between God of the Bible and the ghost of Allah.

    The Arabs have been taken for a rid by a ghost who absolutely do not have their best intentions in mind.

    This is the truth.

  3. and the ghost is not Holy but wholly evil. God said that he would make a mighty nation out of Ismael and they have done their best from the beginning to destroy Israel. In there time which I believe is very close the majority of them will be destroyed. They will march on Israel along with Russia and try to destroy them one more time. God will take care of them. The birds of prey will have a feast on their bodies and it will take a while to bury that many dead. I think soon after the 7 years of tribulation will start.
    Even so Lord, come.

    1. Dear brothers and sisters.

      Yes, Kirk, even yesterday two young ladies accepted to become daughters of our Father in Heaven, The Most High God. The Judge of all creation. They were told that they forever will have an advocate that stands before Him. who will plead their case. And who always win every case. When you accept this lawyer as your Master and Savior, you will receive The Holy Ghost. This ghost is good, and will protect you from the endless attacks from other ghosts, who might appear to be good, but is evil and wicked. When we talk to this lawyer, He might not give us what we want. But He will always provide what we need.

      Do you want to live for and work with this lawyer?…..He was a Jew from the city of Nazareth. He fights all evils within us with His own blood, and the Law book He holds in His hands have all the correct answers. He wants you to obey what is written in this book, for your own good, so you can overcome the enemy of your soul. The enemy of your soul is one and the same. But He takes many names. Like Allah, Shiva, Buddha and Money. They have come to rob and steal, and make us sinners who will die in our sins.

      The name of the always winning lawyer is Jesus, God the Son, the promised Jewish Messiah, which his Hebrew Jewish mother named Y´shua. Put your trust in Him. When He returns to Jerusalem, He will come in the name of the Judge. The Lion of Judah will come and reign. Amen.

  4. I never realized just how dirty the Catholic church and the United States was in the end of WWII. Helping Nazis escape from Europe and then employing the scientists of Hitler in our own programs. Health and aerospace. It does disappoint me in our country but doesn’t surprise me.

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