The true Church is already in tribulation modus

Jesus the Messiah never promised us an easy ride to Heaven. The true Church has always been persecuted. Today, the only Christians who will make it to Heaven have to be in tribulation mode.

Jesus the Messiah is alive. And He is coming back soon.
Jesus the Messiah is alive. And He is coming back soon.

We are soon going to see people dying in the streets, just in front of our eyes. The panic caused by pandemics have already started.

There will be no peace in all kinds of fake Christian fellowships. Based on the false prosperity Gospel, their members will cling to their fleshy Earthly possessions, their US dollar bills, houses and expensive cars. Not realizing that all their material idols will burn and perish with them.

Religious people of all kinds, Hindus, Buddhists and Catholics will cling to their idols of stone of wood. They are perishing because they chose to believe in the lies about such idolatry not being forbidden. They became the enemies of God by their worship of human made religions and wisdom.

In his first letter to the Corinthians, the Jewish Apostles Paul is facing a present crisis. He instruct faithful Christians not to merry.

1 Corinthians 7:26

«Because of the present crisis, I think that it is good for you to remain as you are».

What was Pauls problem?

I believe Paul experienced that there were to few married couples that loved Jesus more than their own spouses. Jesus demands Him being our first love. To love our husbands or wifes more than Him, is another form of idolatry, that keeps people away from becoming fisher of men. Married couples can easily end up being busy in family affairs and worldliness. Paul wanted people to serve the Lord wholeheartedly, not to become occupied with carnal family affairs.

This crisis Paul warned us against, is very must present in the World today. Many Churches of all kinds of denominations has become like clubs, with cultural programs, picnics with preachers who gives us a whole set of new different gospels. Among them are the gospel of humanism and the gospel of environmentalism. «Christian Palestinianism» is another disease who is crippling Churches worldwide. The idéa that God of the Bible will bring peace to the Middle East by breaking all His promises given to the Jewish People, and that the restoration of Israel is a Zionist bluff.

What do do?

Get back to basic. Teach the Word of God, and tell people to believe the Word of God as it is written. Try God on His faithfulness to His Word, and you shall not perish.

And get ready for the extreme evil that is already coming up on the Earth. When people call you a Zionist, a lover of Jews and a liar, be glad and rejoice. Jesus said that if He had not shortened the evil days just before His return, non of us will survive.

Behold: In the middle of chaos, and deceived and carnal Christians giving up their faith, The King of Kings shall return with full power and glory. We shall first see the Messiah coming in the clouds of Heaven. Next, He will touch down on Mount Olives in Jerusalem. Than all who are present on Earth will come to know the Judge, The Lion of Judah.

Are you ready to face Him?

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