«Fatah ready to use violence to liberate occupied Gaza from Hamas»

«We will not negotiate endlessly with Hamas. They have turned 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip into hostages. The Fatah leadership must decide how to free these hostages, whether through negotiations or combat»

To gangsters who went on a mission with USD, to support an Islamic takeover of Jerusalem
Two gangster Cowboys who went on a mission with US dollars to the enemies of the Jewish people, to put the city of Jerusalem back under Islamic occupation.

This is a statement of member of Fatah Revolutionary Council, Ziad Abu Ayin. It was given to the Israeli daily Haaretz on Friday.

The secular-nationalist Fatah movement pulled off a 2,260-delegate convention, including elections that changed its leadership, with only limited hiccups. The newly elected members of the Fatah Central Committee – who include Mohammed Dahlan, Hussein al-Sheikh, Tawfik Tirawi, Saeb Erekat and Nabil Sha’ath – share a firm approach toward Hamas.

The gulf between the two organizations is only widening. One candidate for the Fatah Revolutionary Council, Ziad Abu Ayin, did not hesitate to voice threats against Hamas.

«Even combat. But everyone must accept this decision, they cannot be allowed to continue to control the lives of the Gazans. Hamas defeated Fatah in the elections because of the chaos within Fatah. But now, after Fatah has unified its ranks, it’s a new Fatah. The old Fatah is gone and Hamas is about to be defeated» Abu Ayin said.

My comment:

This is an interesting development. First, the US and European Union backed Fatah because they claim to be democratic in nature. To make Fatah win elections, The US has given Fatah hundreds of millions of dollar. And when they use this money to «buy votes», they get hundreds of millions of US dollars more to run a proper Government.

Mr. Blair. Not mutch to cheer about. Hamas is ruling in Gaza, despite money from London to get Abbas ellected.
Mr. Blair. You might smile, but the Gazans are crying. Hamas is ruling in Gaza, despite money from London to get Abbas elected. Where is the money gone?

Finally, in Gaza people were fed up with this kind of Western backed corruption, and «surprised» the World by voting Fatah out of office. Still the US and the European Union insisted that the looser should stay in Power. What would else happen to the billions of US dollar they have spent on Mahmoud Abbas and his men?

Yesterday, the truth was spoken: Fatah is not interested in winning back the power in Gaza by peaceful political activities.


Because Fatah has lost the the heart and minds of the Gazans. The Gazans has first hand experience that Fatah has been corrupted to its core by men like George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Fatah being willing to use terror and violence as a political tool is nothing new. The PLO spirit from 1964 is not only back. It has always been there, hidden between the US dollar bills given to the present Fatah leadership. The use of terror and violence is the name of Allah simply refuses to vanish.

Bush, Blair and Barack Hussein Obama:

Where are the so called «Muslim» moderates, the lovers of peace and Human rights?

Where has the critical and honest Western eye gone hiding?

Bush and Blair:

What have you achieved by your wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

You have created an Radical Islamic insurgency, who will not stop before Islam has re-occupied Jerusalem. Hamas has this summer trained 120.000 youth to become soldiers of lies, hate and destruction.

In the name of Fatah, Gaza will have to face another civil war. Because Fatah knows, as long as Hamas controls the Gaza-strip, Israel will never accept a two-state-sollution. Because there is no two-state-solution to be promoted. Today there is a three-state-solution. Israel, Abbasland and Hamastan.

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