After 42 years Amman to improve Palestinian slum «as soon as possible»

King Abdullah of Jordan recently visited the Baqaa slum outside Amman. The King insists its a «refugee camp» for foreigners, but still promise to meet the residents demands.

    Not a nice way of treating their Muslim brothers. Al Baqaa outside Amman
Not a nice way of treating their Muslim brothers. Al Baqaa outside Amman

When Jordan was defeated in the Six day war in 1967, the Arab occupational powers had to move its military and Jordanian citizens back into the Kingdom of Jordan.

Since the Arabs, who had occupied the land west of the river Jordan, was not granted citizenship and legal rights in the Kingdom of Jordan, they now ended up in the so-called «Baqaa refugee camp». If Jordan had taken good care of their Muslim brothers, these areas would not should not have looked like a slum for 80.000 people.

The Islamic TV-station Al Jazeera has this to say in an article published on their web sites a couple of days ago.

«Jordan’s Palestinian refugee camps used to be a stronghold for Fatah fighters but that mood has changed. I visited the home of 77-year-old Sheikh Ismael Abu Hmeidan, a former fighter in Fatah’s armed al-Asifa wing who has been living in exile in the al-Baqaa refugee camp for the past 50 years. He lived through the Nakba, the 1967 war and spent eight years in a Jordanian prison for being a member of the Arab Communist party. In 1972, he joined Fatah».

Why did «Baqaa refugee camp» end up as a Fatah stronghold?

Al Fatah (PLO) was formed in 1964, when the Jordanian was controlling East Jerusalem, and what is today called the West bank.

Why have not Jordan given proper houses to their proclaimed «Freedom fighters?» 42 years after the Jordanians lost the war?

Could it be that Jordan does not trust Al Fatah, who in 1970 rebelled against the Jordanian kingdom, and its soldiers expelled from Jordanian soil?

Jordans King Abdullah visits the Al Baqaa camp
Jordans King Abdullah visits the Al Baqaa camp

Al Jazeera reports that during his visits to Al Baqaa, the Jordanian King also issued instructions to follow up on the construction of Al Baqaa Hospital.

I can only say, that 42 years is a long time for 80.000 people to live without having a hospital. If fhe residence of Al Baqaa has not spend their savings in supporting PLO, they might have been able to build a hospital them self.

I guess thats why one of the residents, explains his disappointment with these words to the Al Jazeera reporter:

«We don’t know Fatah, it has nothing to do with us, and we don’t know Mahmoud Abbas. We are suffering here in exile and no one has come up with a solution for us».

The solution seems to be very simple. Let the Jordanian King end their so-called «exile». Let them become Jordanian citizens, and permitted to work for their own livelihood. When they stop supporting terror within Isrsel, I guess the Israeli government might turn up with a handful of blessings and surprises to help the Jordanian King?

What happened to the two million Arab Muslims that did not listen to the demand from the Arab nations, to leave Israel in 1948?

The children of Al-Baqaa learns to hate Israel. Than they also hate their Muslim brothers who stayed behind ifrom n  Zion 1948.
The children of Al-Baqaa learns to hate Israel. Than they also hate two million of their Muslim brothers who stayed behind in Zion from 1948 onwards.

They rebelled against their leaders, and trusted David Ben-Gurion when He said that they should stay and help rebuild Zion. There are two million Arab Israelis today inside the state of Israel, most of them Muslims. They live in a free and democratic nation, with the highest per capita income in the Middle East.

This is the truth. The Arabs who believed in Jihad against the Jews has put a curse on their own head, in the name of Allah and his prophet Muhammad. Al Baqaa just outside Amman is a grim example of human foolishness.

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