«Hizbullah used white flags to avoid IDF fire. No surrender»

«Independent analysis showed that Hizbullah admitted flying white flags to prevent IDF attacks. 17 rockets were fired from within Kafra village houses, and the terror-organization regularly transported arms in vans»

What makes Gazan sucide bomber better or worse than those from Lebanon?
What makes Gazan sucide bomber better or worse than those from Lebanon?

This is a statement from director Gerald Steinberg in NGO Monitor. He slams the latest accusations against the IDF from Human Right Watch (HRW)

«The release of a third lengthy publication condemning Israel over Gaza within the space of a few months, is reflective of HRW’s Israel obsession», proclaims Steinberg. He is adding that a critical report of Hamas issued last week for firing on civilians in the western Negev was a «fig leaf».

Gerald Steinberg from NGO Monitor
Gerald Steinberg from NGO Monitor

Steinberg said the «white flag» report was edited by Joe Stork, who, he said, was anything but an impartial observer of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Steinberg said that Stork, one of the founders of the Middle East Research Information Project (MERIP) has «a long history of anti-Israel incitement.»

«MERIP’s line was in many ways more radical than Yasser Arafat and the PLO’s. He is not someone with any credentials in universal human rights, and this reflects the core disease eating away at Human Rights Watch, including its recent fund-raising activities in Saudi Arabia».

The IDF said it was already investigating several similar allegations, including an incident that occurred on January 13 when four civilians were reportedly killed even though they were waving a white flag.

Another incident took place on January 4, when a tank crew allegedly fired a shell at a group of civilians that were carrying white flags.

The incidents were brought to the IDF’s attention by HRW as well as other NGOs and even Palestinians themselves. The IDF is conducting over 100 investigations of soldiers involved in Operation Cast Lead.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is strange that an organization like Human Right Watch (HRW) choses to believe in people who have absolutely no respect for Human rights, what so ever. Hamas has been willing to kill their own children, to put the blame on Israel. When they took over control of the Gaza strip in 2007, they executed their rival Fatah members by throwing them off the roof tops of buildings in Gaza.

Hizbullah is not any day better than Hamas. They promote the same kind of Islamic terror from beyond the northern borders of Israel. Both Hizbullah and Hamas do not follow the Geneva convention on warfare. A white flag might be the last thing you see of this World, blown up by a suicide bomber who approached you to «surrender». Such cold blooded murderers becomes Islamic heroes. Israeli officers has to follow International law, or face trial in court and possible imprisonment. You who raise your voice against the IDF, should try one week at the frontiers of Israel. Than come back and speak.

HRW should start to listen to the IDF, who protect freedom, democracy, human right s and liberty. The Israeli defense Force is not an army of saints. But they face an enemy that is more evil and cruel than Nazi-Germany. Even Adolf Hitler did not have enough devilish innovations skills, to come up with the satanic invention of using his soldiers as human suicide bombers.

We have even proof of Hamas terrorist roaming in Gaza with IDF uniforms. Would it not be a smart media-stunt to murder Fatah members in a bid to brand Jewish soldiers as Nazis? I will not be surprised if Hamas have shoot and killed people who waived white flags in Gaza, since such people are branded as traitors of the Jihad movement.

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