Corrupt Fatah leaders leave their youngsters in poverty

Men mostly over 70, and in their gleaming cars and suits, bear no relation to a young population struggling in poverty.

Gentlemen, nice suits. But what about the Fatah youth who only can get money for comitting hate crimes against Jews?
Nice suits. Tony Blair and Mahmoud Abbas. But what about the Fatah youth who only get money from their leaders by committing hate crimes against Jews ?

This is the words from an editorial in the British daily Financial Times.

«Fatah today resembles nothing so much as a bloated gerontocracy, a loose aggregate of colliding, ego-driven agendas»

«More interested in the trappings of statehood-without-a-state than the difficult practice of statecraft, its leaders, mostly over 70 and in their gleaming cars and suits, bear no relation to a young population struggling in poverty»

« What should have been a historic congress – to rescue Fatah from its further slide into corruption and irrelevance after being trashed by the Islamist Hamas in the 2006 general elections – was largely taken up with arguments about how to elect a new leadership, amid widespread accusations of vote-buying»

« Fatah, which kept Palestinian hopes alive and put Palestine on the world’s agenda, is heading for the dustbin of history unless it quickly re-articulates a national platform and comes up with a credible leadership – respected by Israelis as well as Palestinians».

Source: Financial Times (UK)

My comment:

The Financial Times of London is right. The Fatah leadership is corrupt, and has betrayed its own youth, given them a future of war, pain and poverty.

But the well informed british newspapers says nothing about the roots of the problem. There could not have been any corrupt leaders without free money from Westminster in London. Had it not been for the endless blank pay cheqes to PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his men, they would not have been in power in the first place. And if the Western Democracies dont stop financing corrupt Arab leaders ASP, the next generation Arab leaders will be equally corrupt.

The solution is not new Arab leaders. The solution is honest leaders. Both in Ramallah and London.

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