13 Norwegian Islamic suicide bombers left for Somalia

At least 13 youth from Oslo has been recruited by the radical Islamic terror organization Al-Shabab in Somalia. Two of them might have been arrested.

Elvis Nwosu with alarming news from the Norwegian capital Oslo
Elvis Nwosu with alarming news from the Norwegian capital Oslo

This is a statement by the Norwegian Labor politician Elvis Nwosu. Last week he told the Norwegian private TV-station TV2, that he has been approached by ex-Somali leaders in the Norwegian capital, who are worried about their missing Somali youth.

The US Government have earlier reported that Al-Shabab have been recruiting Somalian youth in the US for terror training in Somalia.

«I have heard that 13 Somali youth from Oslo have joined forces with Al-Shabab. The information I have received from the Somalian elders, I have given to the Norwegian police», claims Nwosu. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry do not have any knowledge of such departures for Somalia. Neither do the Police Intelligence want to give any comments.

Source: The Norwegian News Agency NTB, and Swedish daily Gøteborgs Posten.

My comment:

The Islamic invasion of Europa is going to cost the Europeans dearly. The Somali youth who have departed for terrorist training in Somalia, is not going to blow them self up in Mogadishu. They will chose a target in a major European city.

Based on a agenda of misunderstood humanism, the European Governments have made them citizens with either EU or Norwegian passports. Trained killers for Allah, grown up and educated with the help of tax payers money in the free and democratic world.

Welcome to the age of the Global intifada.

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