Actress Kristin Davis supported Israel. Lost contract with Oxfarm

When actress Kristin Davis endorsed an Israeli cosmetics line, she was dropped by Oxfam Human Rights Organization.

Supporting Israel cost Kristin Davis her PR-jobs for Oxfarm
Supporting Israel cost Kristin Davis her PR-jobs for Oxfarm

Actress Kristin Davis is no longer working as a spokeswoman for the human rights/relief organization Oxfam International.

Actress Kristin Davis
Actress Kristin Davis

The reason is that she endorses the Ahava cosmetics line, which is manufactured by Dead Sea Cosmetics in Mitzpe Shalem in the the so-called West Bank.

The women’s peace group Code Pink, which accuses America of «war crimes»has called for a boycott, saying Ahava uses «Palestinian» natural resources in what it calls «occupied Palestine».

Source. New York Post

My comment:

To stand up for the Jewish people, Zion and God the Bible will become more and more costly. Because just before the Messiah returns, all nations shall go against Israel. The World will hate you for your love for the Jewish people.

Jesus the Messiah promised us terrible times just before the end of this age. Now all who stand for the truth are standing with both legs in the middle of such troubles.

But behold. The Master has shortened these days, for the sake of his elect.

Do not care what people might think about you. Stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.

4 thoughts on “Actress Kristin Davis supported Israel. Lost contract with Oxfarm

    1. Dear Joe.


      I deleted your anti-semitic links to the protocol of the elders of Zion. If you want to promote lies and cheating against the Jewish people, there are many other web-sites you can visit.

      That you feel that Zionism is from the devil, will put you under God of Israel`s judgment. Our Father in Heaven has chosen Zion as one of his most important tools. His Messiah is not coming back to Rome or Washington, but back to the city of the King, Jerusalem.

  1. Thank you ivarfjeld, you acted correctly and firmly against the net-spider. I don’t know what really Kristin Davis thinks on that matter and I didn’t see any comment of hers. Any way, that lightens the shadow over Oxfam’s one sided way of looking into the Arab-Israeli conflict. We all have the duty to put things and facts open and clear in order to help Israel to over come the hard times she has while darken Islamic forces attack her time and again.

    1. Dear Abe.

      Shalom. Thanks for your positive comment. Joe the «spider» is a web-friend of mine, loved by God. But I have requested him to debate the topics. He also need to get rid of his anti-semitic thinking. God loves him, Israel and the Jewish people. God has restored Israel, a miracle that no one thought was possible 100 years ago. Jesus said we are all sinners that has fallen short of the glory of God, and will be in need of His mercy and grace.

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