Fatah: «Give us all of Jerusalem, before talk about peace»

«Palestinians will continue to be sacrificed until residents of Jerusalem are free of settlements and settlers»

Abbas and Obama is working for an Islamic takeover of East Jerusalem. Abbas will not stop with that.
Abbas and Obama is working for an Islamic takeover of East Jerusalem. Abbas will not stop with that.

The sixth Fatah General Assembly decreed on Saturday that the return of both east and west Jerusalem to Palestinian control. This is portrayed as a «red line» which was non-negotiable, and would need to be fulfilled before any peace talks with Israel could renew, Israel Radio reported.

The document went on to state that all of Jerusalem, including the surrounding villages, belonged to the Palestinians, and lands conquered following the Six-Day war shared the same status as those located within the green line.

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz blasted on Saturday the statement, saying that the declaration was a clear message to all those who maintained the “illusion that the Palestinians were prepared for compromise,” Israel Radio reported.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The PLO of 1964 is back. The Arab Islamic terrorist organization was formed for the purpose of destroying the Jewish state of Israel. The only thing that has changed is the level of US dollar on the secret accounts of the Fatah leadership.

By the above statement of Fatah, there should be no doubt what so ever that the PLO has never changed. The United States of America and the European Union have all been deceived to believe that Yasser Arafat and his men was and is anything but terrorists.

By pumping in billions of US dollar into corrupt Fatah pockets, the Western nations have only achieved to make the terror-organizations who fight Israel stronger. Israel and the IDF will not face an up hill task of saving the Jewish people from another genocide. Hizbullah in Lebanon claims to have 40.000 rockets pointing towards civil populated areas as Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Welcome to the Word of «anythings goes», as long as you hate the Jewish people.

2 thoughts on “Fatah: «Give us all of Jerusalem, before talk about peace»

  1. Its sad to hear that Fatah feel that both East and West Jerusalem belong to the Palestinians. They seem to have abandon the goal of getting back all the land that was stolen from the Palestinians in 1948. The whole idea of Ashkenazi Jews returning to Palestine is a hoax. How can you return to where you have never been. To return mean you had to first moved from the land.

  2. Dear Joe.

    Good to have you back on this site.

    I wounder If you returned to America? I mean, the Italian and Irishmen were settlers on the West bank of the Atlantic?

    Was the land stolen, or was it liberated? If it was stolen, when will it be given back?

    You wrote that something was stolen from the Palestinians in 1948?

    Before 1948, Jerusalem was occupied by United Kingdom. That year the Jews liberated the Western part of their capital.

    I guess East Jerusalem was liberated from Jordanian occupation in 1967? When was anything stolen?

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