Israeli daily newspaper regrets that Israel is Jewish

Among the Ultra Left and the Ultra Orthodox Jews there are people living in denial of the calling of the Jewish people. To come back to Zion and look after the Promised Land up till the return of the Messiah.

A strange and colorful gathering of people who works for the destrcution of the state of Israel
A strange and colorful gathering of people who works for the destruction of the state of Israel

Dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Zion.

Not being Jewish, I do normally not comment on internal Jewish affairs. I support Israel because the the Bible says the Jewish people are God`s chosen people. Either you believe in Him or not. You cant escape your eternal calling, of bringing all of us the Word of God, and becoming an eternal object of hate for those who do recognize or accept God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

One of the latest editorial from the Leftist Israeli daily Haaretz express the problem you face as a divided people. The editor of Haaretz wants the Benjamin Netanyahu government to return Jewish properties and homes to Arabs who occupied these houses for 60 years. The radical newspaper wants the Government of Israel to act unlawful by setting a side their own lawful Supreme Court.

Here is the opinion of the editor:

«No thinking person will be persuaded that Jews have a sweeping right to return to their homes in East Jerusalem as long as Israeli law not only bars Palestinians from returning to their homes in West Jerusalem, but even evicts them from the houses where they have lived for the last 60 years».

This is an interesting observation, from a newspaper who claims to represent the Jewish people.

With this kind of attitude, the legal base for the Jewish state of Israel falls.

Joshua should never have entered into the Promised land in the first place. There was already some «tenants» of the land there. Neither should millions of Jews have returned home from the diaspora from 1895 A.D onwards. They should in fact have opted for Patagonia in Argentina where nobody lives, or Uganda, one of the alternative the Zionist congress in fact once voted against.

For a man who is not Jewish, but is willing to fight for Eretz Israel left, right and center, I am troubled by the kind of internal problem a divide house of Israel is going to cause you in the time before the Messiah returns. Only He will be able to to bail you out, and into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Behold. Because I love you all, I will not keep quiet!

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