Human Right Watch use Saudi money to attack Israel

After accusing Israel of war crimes in Gaza, Human Right Watch raises fresh funds in Saudi Arabia.

Human Rights Watch Director Kenneth Roth confirms his hate for supporters of Israel.
Human Rights Watch Director Kenneth Roth confirms his hate for supporters of Israel.

Ken Roth is the the executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW). In an email conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg, Roth confirms that HRW has donors in Saudi Arabia, and that the leader of its Middle East division Sarah Leah Whitson traveled to Saudi Arabia to «inform» the Saudi well-wishers about HRW. On of the topics was HRW`s viewpoints on «Operation Cast Lead» in Gaza.

HRW claims they had nobel motives for visiting Saudi Arabia in May 2009. In an official press release the visit to Riyad was explained: «These were receptions in private homes, hosted by people who were interested in Human Rights Watch and who invited other guests to learn more about us».

Jeffrey Goldberg sent a lot of emails to Ken Roth. After avoiding answering the questions, Roth finally confirmed anti-Israel motives for raising funds in Saudi Arabia.

«Did your staff person attempt to raise funds in Saudi Arabia by advertising your organization’s opposition to the pro-Israel lobby?”

Roth responded:

«That’s certainly part of the story. We report on Israel. Its supporters fight back with lies and deception. It wasn’t a pitch against the Israel lobby per se. Our standard spiel is to describe our work in the region. Telling the Israel story–part of that pitch–is in part telling about the lies and obfuscation that are inevitably thrown our way».

Jeffrey Goldberg concludes:

«In other words, yes, the director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East division is attempting to raise funds from Saudis, including a member of the Shura Council. This council oversees, on behalf of the Saudi monarchy, the imposition in the Kingdom of the strict Wahhabi interpretation of Islamic law. In part by highlighting her organization’s investigations of Israel, and its war with Israel’s «supporters» who are liars and deceivers. It appears as if Human Rights Watch, in the pursuit of dollars, has compromised its integrity».


My comment:

Its amazing how an organization based on a human rights vision travel to an Islamic autocratic regime to raise founds. To Saudi Arabia, who have not respect what so ever for basic human rights and freedom of expression. A nation who has a Law that forbids Jews to enter into the Kingdom. To a nation ruled by a Middle Age kind of Islamic laws, who even forbid women to drive cars.

What Roth said, is valid and interesting. But what he did not say, is alarming. «Human Right Watch will go to the democratic and free state of Israel to collect funds to expose the endless human rights abuses of the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia».

Only their hate towards the Jewish people wil make anybody do what Roth and Human Right Watch has done. With Islamic blood money, they will continue to demonize the state of Israel.

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