Russia reopening naval base in Syria

The Russian Navy is reportedly taking steps to refurbish its Soviet-era base at the Syrian port of Tartus in preparation for basing a small flotilla there.

Russian Navy Cruiser Moscow ready to promote Russia in the Middle East arms race
Russian Navy Cruiser Moscow ready to promote Russia in the Middle East arms race

The Russian news agency Ria Novosti quoted a senior Russian naval source on Monday as saying that the modernized base would be used to support Russia’s anti-piracy efforts in the Red Sea.

The move follows Russian efforts to establish bases in Libya and Yemen and reports that the Russian Navy has not received any new surface combatants in many years and is on the verge of collapse.

«We have almost no ships left in the Black Sea» commented Konstantin Makienko of Moscow’s Center for Strategic and Technical Analysis.

«All that Russia could maintain in Syria is a ship or two. That’s only a symbolic presence»

Nonetheless, Israeli officials are said to be concerned the new base and air defense systems they are sure to deploy there will limit Israeli options for movement along its northern border and complicate any future conflict with Syria and/or the Islamic terror militia Hizbullah in Lebanon.


My comment:

The Russian Navy has not been a treat to anyone but is self since the Nuclear sub marine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea first of November 2000.

But Russia is back. The former Soviet Union was one of the biggest global players in the dirty business of arms sale. Now Russia wants to take back Moscows top position. There are many reasons why the US is present with military bases in more than 100 countries globally. One of them is to promote its arms industry.

There have never been more money to be made in the Middle East. There is an apocalyptic arms race going on, lead by nations like Syria and Iran. And as long as the US will up held its boycott of Syria, the Russians are ready to fill in the void. It does not matter for Moscow, that Syria is one of the global sponsors of Islamic terrorism. Neither do the Russians care that Syria still have not recognized the state of Israel, and de facto is at war with the Jewish state.

Money talks.

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