John Bolton: «Israel will have to strike Iran before the end of this year»

«Israel can not take the chance of waiting to strike Iran. They have to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities before the end of this year».

Former US ambassador to the UN warns Israel have to strike Iran in 2009
Former US ambassador to the UN warns Israel have to strike Iran in 2009

This is a statement of former US Ambassador to United Nation, John Bolton in the Thursday edition of the Washington Post.

«A polite Israel listened to what the US secretary of Defense Robert Gates had to say. Dont be surprised if Israel strikes before New Years eve», explained Bolton.

The comments by John Bolton is recorded and commented in the Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet» The editor is not giving the Obama administration any credit for their present Middle East policies.


«There have been many Obama envoys on visit to Jerusalem. Have there been any fruits of all these meetings? The answer is unfortunately – no -. Nothing at all, but at least we now see a more humble US approach to the security concerns of Israel».

«Obama might finally have understood it was unwise to talk so warmly an nicely about Islam in Cairo, and simultaneously give sour rebukes to Netanyahu and the Israeli opinion».

Source: The Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

John Bolton is not exactly my favorite US politician. He is like many US War Lords almost allergic to arms control. But in regards to the Worlds duty to destroy a possible Iranian Nuclear bomb before it gets into the hands of the Ayatollah, Bolton is right. Any Messianic faithful will regret the loose of innocent lives in the fight for freedom and liberty, against the present evil and wicked regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Read more about Israels preparations for a likely strike on Iran: Click here

3 thoughts on “John Bolton: «Israel will have to strike Iran before the end of this year»

  1. They have to strike BEFORE the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft systems are installed.

    Since Obama and friends axed giving Israel the new F-22 fighter, they have no choice given their current F-16 technology.

    1. Dear Dysfunctional Parrot.

      Shalom. God of the Bible is always in control. The Jewish people are one of His tools. In fact the most important one. His chosen people. From them the World have got everything that matters. The Law of Moses, the prophetic Word, the Jewish scriptures, the Gospel writers, and the first Church and Apostles. God has used many tools to try to reach out to his lost creation. Most importantly He has spoken through His Son, the Jewish Messiah. He will soon come back and bail out the Jewish people. He still love them and cares for them, because His father promised to love them with an everlasting love. Iran and all the enemies of the Jewish people will face a tragic end. Jews who fight their own God are also up for troublesone times. The Messiah is coming back to judge Israel, to judge His church and the World. Are you ready…..

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