Italian Minister: «Bildt has to condemn Swedish acts of blatant anti-Semitism»

«At the up coming Foreign Minister meeting in the European Union, it’s summary statement must explicitly condemn the article published in the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet».

Foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman with Italian Foreign Minister Frattini
Foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman with Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini

This was the words used by Italy’s foreign minister, Franco Frattini, In a telephone conversation with the Israeli daily Haaretz.

Frattini said he intends to demand that the meeting’s summary statement explicitly condemn the article published in the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, which claimed that Israeli soldiers harvested the organs of dead Palestinians. He said his proposed statement would declare articles of this sort to be «acts of blatant anti-Semitism»

The Italian Foreign Minister also condemned media who misuses freedom of the press:

«There are limits to freedom of the press that stem from respect for the truth and the duty of every journalist to prove his claims».

In a similar manner Frattini exposed that politicians have few tools at hand to restrict the press from publishing and distributing anti-semitism.

«The state cannot intervene in the work of the press. The journalists are the ones who must set limits for themselves and must find the right balance within the framework of the journalistic code of behavior».

Source. The Israeli daily Haaretz.

My comment:

The Italian Foreign Minister has express good intention for the up coming Foreign Minister meeting in the European union. Let us not pas any judgment before the meeting has been held, and Carl Bildt has to express this viewpoint which might become the official policy of the European Union.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt
Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt

There is still an alarming message from Franco Frattini. What he tries to tell us is:

«Even if the Europen Union condemn Aftonbaldet for publishing the same lies against the Jews as Nazi Germany did, there is very little we are willing to do to stop this from continuing».

This is the same apathy, that the politicians expressed during the run up to World War II. We will condemn Hitler in our papers, but there is very little we are willing to do to take action against him»

This is hypocrisy.

The European Union has to take the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet to court. The Swedish Government has to be told that whatever license Aftonbladet might have, should be suspended. One tool is to suspend whatever contract there is between the Swedish state and Aftonbladet. One of them is to «re-negotiate » the distribution agreement between Aftonbladet and Swedish postal system. The Swedish state also spend hundreds of millions on advertisements in various media. The contract with Aftonbladet should be suspended, and put up for re-negotiations. The Swedish state can also put pressure on other advertisers, to take a fresh look at their contracts with the Swedish newspaper.

Another way of bringing this evil to an end is to target the editor legally.

I am sure the Editor of Aftonbladet might have benefits from the Swedish state. Like a child that goes in a governmental kindergarten. He might also have a state sponsored pension agreement, and a governmental health policy that gives him free medical treatment?

This might be extreme actions, but it will illustrate my point:

This is exactly what many Swedish leaders tells the International community to do towards Israel. Its called a boycott.

Spokesmen of fee and democratic nations, are willing to harm and boycott another free and democratic nation, in their defense of Radical Islam. But are not willing to punish newspapers that copy-cats Nazi propaganda from Hitlers Germany. Basically, the European Union will not be willing to lift a finger.

That is the sad state of affaires in the European Union today.

Read more about Carl Bildt and his records on the International arena: Click here

Middle East arms race could reach USD 100 billion per year

The international business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan estimates that over the next five years countries in the Middle East will buy as much as USD 100 billion a year worth of military equipment. The fear of Iran and regional rivalries heat up.

Israel tanks is prepared for the next Arab attack on the Jewish state
Israel tanks is prepared for the next Arab attack on the Jewish state

Most of the spending will be made by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Major items on Israel’s shopping list include three squadrons of F-35 fighter jets and two new missile ships.

Iraq, Egypt and many of the smaller states in the Gulf are buying new transport aircraft, helicopters and boats, as well as law enforcement equipment to control their increasingly restive populations.

The Saudi Arabian and UAE air forces have both received large numbers of new fighters and airborne radar aircraft, as their ballistic missile defense systems are getting major new upgrades and equipment.

Israeli soldiers ready for combat on the frontiers of freedom and liberty.
Israeli soldiers ready for combat on the frontiers of freedom and liberty.

Patriot Missile Launch (Boeing)Israel’s own air and missile defense systems are also getting upgrades, as the Air Force last week completed work on developing a new battalion that will operate the Israeli built “Iron Dome” short-range missile defense system. In tests last month, the system successfully intercepted several incoming short range rockets such as those that have been fired at Israel from Gaza and South Lebanon, and defense company Rafael Defense Systems announced that it would be operational by the middle of next year.

«We cannot promise 100 percent hermetic defense», said Col. Zvika, commander of the IAF’s Northern Air Defense Division. «But what we can promise is that after years of rocket fire against Gaza-belt communities, there will now be an effective solution».

Arrow defense system graphic (Rand Corporation)Israel already operates the Arrow and Patriot anti-ballistic missile system and has signaled interest in the highly advanced US built SM-3 as it seeks to deploy a layered air defense system that will protect Israel from all incoming missiles – from short range homemade Kassam’s to Iranian nuclear-tipped ICBM’s. A tripartite system of SM-3, Arrow-2, and Patriot missiles would provide adequate cover for the three-tiered shield required by Israel, in addition to close-in protection provided by the Iron Dome,


Israel: IDF develops new robots for urban warfare

The robots can fly, climb stairs, traverse sewage pipes and go through windows to collect digital images. It can even sense the body heat of hidden opponents. Welcome to the high tech age of combat.

Israel is using supreme technology for a better defense of the Jewish people.
Israel is using supreme technology for a better defense of the Jewish people.

The new IDF robots can even do chemical analysis to warn of threats from non-conventional weapons.

Knowing that it is massively outnumbered by the combined military forces of potential enemies, the IDF has always striven to maintain a qualitative edge in training and technology. Some of its latest technological advances are specially aimed at giving Israeli soldiers an edge in future urban warfare.

The latest innovations include robotic devices that allow surveillance and battlefield intelligence to be gathered without exposing troops to enemy fire, designed specifically for urban environments where tightly packed buildings and narrow alleys often conceal deadly booby traps, snipers and mines.


My comment:

Israel is fighting an enemy that is many times her size. That is a challenge.

The IDF has an advantage in superior technology. But its not easy to stay ahead in the race. Its also very costly. The above story of a 100 Billion USD arms race in the Middle East is alarming. That the biggest arm sellers in the World, like USA, Russia and China, basically feed them self on hate, violence and fear for tomorrow.

What is Israel`s advantage?

Israel has nuclear submarines. They can move up to the Iranian coastline, and take out ant target within minutes. This is also a nuclear deterrent. If Iran choses to fire a nuclear armed rocket on Israel, the Iranian people at large have just commit suicide. Either the nuclear armed rocket fired on Israel will reach or not, Israel will respond within seconds of a hostile rocket fired from Iranian soil.

Israel also has drone-technology. That is an air born capability of looking at the enemy behind the hill top. A Syrian tank has no where to hide. The moment the tank moves, the Israeli intelligence will come to know immediately.

The latest is robot guns. If a man stand around the corner with a gun pointing at the same hight as your head, it would be stupid of you, to try to look around the corner. Better to send a robot gun on wheels, to remove the enemy. This is very effective tool in urban wars, like fighting Islamic terrorists in places like Gaza.

The only weapon that is missing, is an effective tool to counter Islamic suicide bombers. When a suicide bombers wants to kill you, you have two options. Either you have to be able to run faster than him, or you have to take him out in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, innocent people gets killed in such battlefields. You can be sure that the IDF does its very best to avoid targeting innocent civilians.

If you have developed a tool that can see the difference between a suicide bomber and an innocent civilian, please dont wait. Come to Israel, and help the IDF to do a better job.

Police deal with volatile Muslim prayers in Jerusalem

An Israeli police officer was wounded and five Palestinian Arabs were arrested as some 90,000 Muslims poured into Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday to hold the first major annual Ramadan prayers atop the Muslim-occupied Temple Mount.

Muslims in prayer just outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Muslims in prayer just outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Israel actually loosened restrictions on the event this year, despite eruptions of anti-Jewish violence in years past. This year, Palestinians from both eastern Jerusalem and Palestinian-controlled areas over the age of 50 were able to enter the Temple Mount freely. Additionally, Palestinian Arabs who were not residents of Jerusalem were allowed to enter if they obtained a special permit.

Police were able to quell or head off several instances of violence, leading to the five arrests. One of the detained men was taken into custody after police officers found a large knife in his possession.

The only instance of open violence occurred when an Arab resident of the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiya attacked an Israeli police officer who tried to search him before allowing him entry to the Old City. The officer was lightly wounded in the altercation.

Source: The Israeli Magazine: Israel Today.

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