The UK Government commits high treason against the IDF and Israel.

London is playing double games on Israel. Funding anti-Zionists who would like to see Islam rule in East Jerusalem. Money has also been given to Islamic organizations who work for the eviction of Jews from the east side of the capital of Israel.

People of Israel. Please dont trust this man
People of Israel. Please do not trust this man

The UK is spending £450,000 over 4 years to support projects in east Jerusalem and the West Bank. For which purpose, London is speaking with two voices.

First version:

«We have given money to help Palestinians better understand and effectively use the Israeli planning laws to gain permission both retrospectively for existing homes, and prospectively for new homes on their side of the Green Line», says Karen Kaufman, the British Embassy’s spokesman in Tel Aviv, given to Jerusalem Post. She also said in response that the British government was «not involved in the actual construction of new Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem».

Second version:

British spokesman Martin Day, in an interview in Dubai with Al-Arabiya television last week, said that the British government was «taking practical steps towards freezing settlement activities».

Day also said: «We finance projects aimed at halting settlement activities. One of these projects seeks to build new Palestinian neighborhoods in east Jerusalem and save Palestinian houses from demolition». In addition, Day said in an Arabic interview: «We also finance organizations that monitor settlement activities».

The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said, «We can’t recall any other case of a democratic country funding political activities inside another democratic country».

According to information obtained by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the British embassy in Tel Aviv received 40,000 pounds in 2008, who was given to critics of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The British Embassy told Barak that the money transfer to the group «Breaking the Silence» presents no problem since is a legal organization. In response, Breaking the Silence accused the Foreign Ministry of «endangering democracy» by engaging in a «witch hunt» against the organization.

Source: Jerusalem Post and Haaretz.

My comment:

The British Empire occupied Israel from 1917 to 1948. Now, London is trying to get back into Jerusalem. This time they have the quartet Tony Blair as their spokesman. Blair is willing to go to any extreme, to please both London and Washington. Even the Pope, since Blair is a resent convert from the Anglican Church to the pontifical religion.

Its not strange that spokespersons from the UK Government is contradicting each other. Because it will be impossible to hide their lies all the time. That London do not have a hidden agenda of dethroning the Zionists control over Jerusalem is a fairy tale. Both Islam and the Pope wants to reoccupy the «Holy City»

What will be the best parallel in history, to expose the falsehood of Tony Blair and the UK Government?

I am sure there are soldiers in the Royal army, that are not to happy with their British leadership. I guess Israel should send them a cheque, so they can form an organization that will go on TV with accusation of British war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan? I am sure Al Qaeda would have rejoiced, and send them a cheque too.

What the British Government is doing against the IDF is high treason. The UK government are no better than any British national, who would have given Nazi-Germany tools to weaken the British army in 1940. Standing before a court Marshal, such a person would be hanged. I am personally against dead penalty, but not everyone I know agrees with me.

3 thoughts on “The UK Government commits high treason against the IDF and Israel.

  1. I hate this British governmet. Its sold out the English people and destroyed our country with the influx of Islamic militants. Who threaten and kill our citizens. When we demonstrate against them, this government supports them with their gehstopo police force.

    1. Dear Andrew.

      Shalom. Not being Jewish, still I understand you. How? Because I cry almost every day, when God remembers me. He also reminds me about my duty to care for and love the Jewish people, who have suffered more than any people on Earth, for being His chosen people. Still they have blessed all nations with their brains and hard work. And still do!

      I am my self badly persecuted. Still I have to love my enemies. Because If I return their hate towards me, I end up in the same emotional prison as them. The love that the Messiah have shown me, is more than enough. Let the whole World hate me, as long as I now that God the Son loves me. Amen.

  2. Not sure who the Royal Army are as we English or even British only have a Royal Air Force or Navy, but never mind. Yes I am ashamed of my country;s treatment of israel especially the BD, even today the double standards it displays telling Israel it shouldnt check ships heading for gaza but we must check ships heading for iran, er how far from Britain is iran? How far is gaza from israel? Blair the scotsman along with brown both destroyed England and never had the support of England as a whole.

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