Danish priest: «There has never been a Palestinian state»

The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association do not understand why Muslims have to recognize the state of Israel. Well, thats the reason why there has never been a Palestinian state.

Trying to convince the Danes that Israel is the real problem
Fathi El-Abed is trying to convince the Danes that Israel is the real problem. Not Islamic lies in regards to the Jewish people and Jerusalem.

This is the reply from the Danish priest Hans Kristian Neerskov to a editorial letter from Fathi El-Abed in the Danish Christian Daily «Dagen». Fathi El-Abed is the leader of the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association.

The United Nations resolution 181 from 29th of November 1947, saw 57 membership nations voting «yes». Only 13 nations voted against, and 11 decided not to vote. This resolution demanded that both the Jews and the Arabs established their own states in the British mandate area of «Palestine». These two state had to be democratic, had to recognize each otter, and give mutual commitment to each otter of living in peaceful relations with each other.

The Arab Palestinians have never accepted this UN resolution. This is the reason why there is no «Palestinian» statehood today. If the Arabs had accepted this resolution, they could have had their own state today. But they do not want. Because their do not want there to be a Jewish state.

a danish priest that speaks the truth
Hans Kristian Neerskov is a danish priest that speaks the truth

Israel accepted United Nation resolution 181. Even though the resolution was unfair to the Jewish people. Why? Because already 77 per cent of the British mandate area had bin given to Abdullah Hussein, so he could form the state of Transjordan. Which means: «On the other side of Jordan». Today, the Kingdom of Jordan. So this kingdom is one of the 14 homelands of the so-called Palestinian people.

Another valid point for Israel, is that United Nation resolution 181 would be very difficult to defend. Because the Jewish homeland would be only 16 kilometer wide just north of Tel Aviv. Another Jewish challenge was that this resolution limited their access to Jerusalem, because of special British imposed rules to protect the interest of Islam. The Jews found this unfair, because under no time or circumstances in the prophet Mohammad`s life, was Jerusalem of any importance for him. This city was captured by Islam long time after the prophets death in 653 A.D, and occupied by Islam up to 1099 A.D. Islam built to mosques in Jerusalem.

There has never been a Palestinian government anywhere in the World. There have never existed a Palestinian currency, nor a country with the name Palestine. The Islamic claim to the «historic Palestine» is just a fiction. During the time of the British mandate, the United Kingdom chose to call this land for «Palestine». This is the root of the problem. Even during the Islamic rule from 654 to 1099, there was never any local Palestinian government. And the final fact: After the destruction of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem, the Roman Empire decided to call their province «Palestine».

Source: Letter to the editor,The Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

One thought on “Danish priest: «There has never been a Palestinian state»

  1. The history starts even earlier. The name of Judea was changed to “Palestine” in 135 A.D. by the roman emperor Adrian. Filistians had never have a state. In Hebrew filistians and Palestine is written the same way (when written without vowels, which is the normal way to write)

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