Norwegian Word of Faith Pastor pleads for forgiveness

«I did not want to live anymore. I thank Jesus for being alive. I was overworked, and took many wrong decisions».

    Enevald Flåten says he has learned about many errors in the Word of Faith Movement
Enevald Flåten says he has learned about many errors in the Word of Faith Movement

This is a statement from head pastor Enevald Flåten, who once lead the biggest Word of Faith fellowship in Norway with more than 2000 faithful members. After internal Church turbulence in 2006, He was forced to resign. Today the Church in the city of Bergen has changed both name and focus.

«I have always been a hard working man, but had to many responsibilities. I did not acknowledge that I was exhausted. I became irritable, and took many wrong decisions», explains Flåten to the Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

When Flåten went on sick leave, his doctor advised him to stay out of media focus. The former Pastor regret ignoring this advice:
«I did and said a lot of stupid things during those days, explains Flåten».

Flåten feels the need to request people to forgive him. He explains that the process has opened his eyes for both theological teaching, leadership models and other sides with the Word of Faith Movement that is not healthy.

« I ask everybody who have been wounded and have difficulties to forgive me. In many Charismatic Fellowships and Churches there is to much focus on Church activities and personal status than human relations. I still believe that God gives pastors certain visions. But you can not expect the congregation to always follow you blindly. Even a Pastor is only a human», says Flåten.

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

I have to admit that I was one of the critics of Enevald Flåten. Please forgive me for any wrong doings. My concern for him and the Church in Bergen was not based on first hand experiences. I have never met Flåten, or visited the Church he was pastoring. But I have been 18 months as a part of a Word of Faith Congregation. I was branded as «not really born again» when i started to object the Word of Faith one leader models of pastoring. I also had and still have many reservations against their prosperity teachings.

From today onwards I will only speak about Enevald Flåten in positive terms. I have just read about a new born creation, a humble man, who came to know the truth. I thank my Master Jesus for listening to all the people who have been praying for Flåten. Praise be to the Messiah.

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Word of Faith Pastor pleads for forgiveness

    1. Dear Sebastian.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Pastor Flaten was fired. I do not know where he is now, but I will try to help you. Give me a couple of days.

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