Nashralla: «Hizbullah is ready to strike Tel Aviv»

«We will strike Tel Aviv with missiles from Lebanon if Israel attacks our guerrillas south Beirut stronghold in a new war».

Ready to stricke Tel Aviv with rockets from Syria and Iran
Ready to strike Tel Aviv with rockets which he has got from Syria and Iran

This is a statement from Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. Monday morning he was quoted by two Lebanese newspapers. The papers «As-Safir» and «Al-Akhbar» have both close ties to Hizbullah. Nasrallah shall have made the threat during a weekend closed meeting with a group of Lebanese expatriates.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Asiyassa also reported on monday, that Lebanese defense officials believe there is a secret pact between Hizbullah and top officers in the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). According to the account, a LAF battalion will operate within the Hizbullah framework and have independence and access to the group’s arsenal.

The paper said Israel gave the United States and European governments which have UNIFIL contingencies (France, Germany, Spain and Italy) information which proves Hizbullah was training dozens of LAF soldiers to prepare them to fight alongside Hizbullah guerrillas in case the IDF attacks Lebanon. Israel conveyed the information on July 1, according to the report.

The LAF battalion in Hizbullah, according to Asiyassa, will include 150 troops who will have access to areas south of the Litani River from where Hizbullah fighters are currently banned in the framework of UN Resolution 1701. Hizbullah reportedly trained the officers on the use of specific Iranian missiles with average- and long-distance ranges.

The Jerusalem Post could not confirm the Kuwaiti report. Neither could the Associated Press (AP). This kind of media tactics are not unusual for the Lebanese terrorist group.

My comment:

Tel Aviv has been under fire from Islamic nations before. The last attempt by an Arabic nations to brake the will of the Jewish financial capital came during the Gulf war in 1991. At that time the regime of Saddam Hussein fired scud missiles into Israel.

Tel Aviv 1991. Jewish children bets ready for the next scud alarm.
Tel Aviv 1991. Jewish children bets ready for the next scud alarm.

It was only divine wisdom that prevented the Government of Israel from returning fire on Bagdad. No other nations would have done so, having supreme fire power at its hand.

Tel Aviv under fire. A Scud attack at nigh.
Tel Aviv under fire. A Scud attack at nigh.

The Jewish people and the state of Israel is basically not a treat to anyone. The Jewish people have done everything they can to promote peace in the Middle East. The only compromise they should not enter into, is to give away more land for peace. That did not work in 2005, when Israel disengaged from Gaza. Neither will it work in the future.

Tel Aviv under fire. A scud attack during the day.
Tel Aviv under fire. A scud attack during the day.

Read more about the Obama government that wants to supply the Lebanese army with US fighter jets: Click here

2 thoughts on “Nashralla: «Hizbullah is ready to strike Tel Aviv»

  1. One thing for sure us G-d said: He would use the enemies weapons against them..and here we have obama furnishing weapons to all the middle east and beyond.. G-d has all the enemies lined up for destruction…

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