Israeli security officials warned on Sunday that Hamas is digging tunnels to smuggle weapons and fighters into the Gaza Strip underneath UN facilities.

IDF soldiers discovering a smuggling tunnel next to the Rafa border crossing into Egypt
IDF soldiers discovering a smuggling tunnel next to the Rafa border crossing into Egypt

«Hamas uses civilian infrastructure to hide behind», explained one Israeli official. The accusation comes after a tunnel adjacent to a UN school in Beit Hanun collapsed earlier this month, causing damage inside the school.

Meanwhile, a senior Ham as Judge on Sunday ordered all female lawyers in Gaza to wear headscarves and a long, dark colored cloak under their black robes when they appear in court beginning in September, as part of ever strengthening efforts to turn the Gaza Strip into an Islamic stronghold.

«Showing a woman’s hair is forbidden», said Hamas-appointed Supreme Court chief justice Abdul-Raouf Halabi. Female professionals in the Gaza Strip have reported a steep increase in harassment from Hamas policemen in recent months for violations, including laughing in public.


My comment:

There are a lot of things in the World that can describe insanity. But I know of few better examples than the smuggling tunnels of Hamas in Gaza.

While the United Nations accuses Israel of war crimes, one of the smuggling tunnels under the UN School in Beit Hanun collapses, and even damage the school building.

A better example of the United Nation sponsored terrorism can most likely not be found. During the Gaza war, the Hamas leadership it self was under United Nation´s protection, hiding in a bunker under a United Nation sponsored hospital.

I am just waiting for a new and deceptive message from the Western backed supporters of the islamic terrorist organization:

«The smuggling tunnel under the UN school collapsed due to IDF-aircraft bombing such tunnels, putting innocent Palestinian life in danger».

A World without Jesus the Messiah is blindfolded. There is no longer such a thing called secular support for Israel. Only gentiles who have the true Messiah in their heart will stand up for Israel and the Jewish people. Even inside of Israel, the Jewish people are fighting an up hill battle for the survival of Zion.

The World has been blinded by the father of all lies. Satan.

The last days of innocense. An Arab Palestinian girl swimming on a beach of Gaza.
The last days of innocence. An Arab Palestinian girl playing and swimming on a beach in Gaza.

Now its only darkness ahead for the Gazans. We are entering the great tribulation on planet Earth. The Arab Palestinian girls shall no longer be allowed to swim in public, or show their hair. Sharia law permits the use of burka. Next comes physical abuses of women and honor killings of daughters in the name of Allah.