God the Father and God the Son are One God

How can the Jews accept a Messiah that does not agree with His Father? If you are not Jewish but follow such a Messiah, you have been deceived. If you are Jewish, you better listen to my message.

Jesus is the creator. He and His Father are One God
Jesus is the creator. He and His Father are One God

Many people claim to know Jesus of Nazareth. They even call them self «Born Against», and Bible believers. But Jesus of Nazareth will still have to tell them: «I never knew you».

Have you ever reflected who this «Christians» are? They surely took the name of Jesus, and even drove out demons in his name.

Matthew 7:21-24

«Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (NIV)

To understand this, you need a revelation from the The Holy Ghost. The Spirit came for three purposes:
1. To convince us of our sins
2. To tell us about the righteousness of Jesus.
3. To explain to us about the coming judgment.

1. There are three obviously sins that the majority of «Christians» claims are not sins:

a. Immorality: Claimed to be Christians accept sin as the truth. Like homosexual priests. Many claimed to be «Christians» refuse to leave anti-Christian religious systems who breed sin, and become active or passive supporters of evil.

b. Love of money: This sin makes you a slave of the prince of this World.

c. Denial of the restoration of Israel, as a part of God´s everlasting love for the Jewish people and His plan to bring the Messiah back to Jerusalem:

This sin brings direct judgment in form of a curse, explained to us in Joel 3:2 and Matthew 25:31 onwards. Since Jesus had not yet died and resurrected, I guess the Messiah spoke about his brothers in the flesh, the Jewish people?

2. The righteousness of Jesus can never be separated from the righteousness of God the Father. God the Father is God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And God the Father and God the Son are One God. Jesus the Messiah did not come to change the law and the prophetic Word. When you make Jesus a man who came to change His Father everlasting promises to the Jewish people, you have replaced God with man made wisdom. Also called utter foolishness. You might be very religious, but have been deceived by a copy-cat-Jesus.

3. The Holy Spirit will explain to us about the coming judgment. What is that? Many Christians today reject that there is a lake of fire, an everlasting Hell for the wicked.

Many Christians does also reject the Word of God, in regards to the errors that will bring judgment on mankind. One of them is ignorance in regards to God`s chosen people. To ignore Israel when she needs your help, is to curse her. During World War II millions of people lost their chance of Everlasting life, by their support of evil against the Jewish people. Those who curse the Virgin of Zion, Rachel`s children, shall be cursed by God, and will end up in Hell. This is a simple basic Bible truth. One of them who ended up in Hell was King Herod. Just read Matthew 2:16, and try to find any difference between the king and the Nazis in regards to how they acted towards the Jewish people.

If you are in a Church that ignores Israel and the Jewish people latest calls for help, you are in a Church of fools. You might have a Pastor as your spiritual guide. But he might not be a shepherd who represent God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He might never have known the one and only true Messiah.

That the majority of the Jewish people have not accepted «Jesus» as the Messiah is not so strange at all. Many Churches who promotes the Messiah have never known Him. During the centuries Churches have used the name of «Jesus» to persecute and kill Jews. Today such Churches work together with Islam in a bid to destroy the Jewish homeland.

Many are called, but only a few are chosen. Only few people shall be able to make it through the narrow gate set up by God of Israel. The Everlasting Father.

Luke 1:33
And he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end.

Jesus of Nazareth , the head of the house of Jacob, has redeemed me from my sins with his blood, and grafted me into the Jewish faith. The Jewish Messiah died on the cross in Jerusalem and resurrected after three days. He has saved a gentile wreck like me.

4 thoughts on “God the Father and God the Son are One God

  1. people of the world… we do not need to follow such/any tradition, beliefs, or religious culture…what we need to do is to follow our hearts…it is the heart that tells the truth…and its the heart that tells us what good and whats evil… if our heart doesn’t feel any difference.. then that would be the time we shall ask…am I good or evil…
    we need to unite people of this world… we do not need to consider each thinking but what our hearts tell…stop being hard to ourselves and to others…give and open our hearts for everybody…PEACE!

    1. You deceive yourself. Most people do go by their hearts desire, few do as the Lord commands and there is no peace.

      Jer. 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

  2. THe church today or the churches make their mistake by reading the bible backwards. we who except Messiah are grated into Israel, not the church. the first church came out of the Upper Room with millions of believing Jews followed. from Genesis 12:3 and all thru the scripture they change the word Israel to church. they over look how G-d blinded the Jews for us heathen to Messiah so we could become sons of G-d and how at the end would be life from the dead to the Jews forever. anyone who thinks HE is coming to punish them need to read how G-d said HE is coming to comfort them as they have received double punishment..IT IS all these nations against Israel HE will destroy, and remember HE is in the whirlwind too..Luke 21…NO one will have an excuse even with false teachers as G-d said it is better to believe G-d than man and if they refuse the truth, HE will send a lie and they will believe the lie…the great falling away is in the whole world.. looks like in one hour at night Damascus will not be nothing but rubble…Isaiah 17.. so we keep trying to thell those against Israel and pray and stay in the world so we dont become confused

  3. Amen, Ivar. No one will come to the Father except by “the narrow gate” of Jesus, the Messiah of Israel. The Book of Matthew lays out clearly that the Jewish people are His brothers in the flesh and the Book of Romans tells us of their coming spiritual redemption. All nations will be judged by how they have treated the chosen people of God. Those who curse them will be cursed and those who bless them will be blessed.

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