Ulf Ekman and Oase camp in Sweden celebrates Catholic Mass

«We are going to celebrate Roman Catholic mass». 6.000 people was gathered at the Word of Faith Oase Sumer camp in Borås in Sweden.

Ulf Ekman has opened up the Church for Rome. Together they will promote the comming end time false religion.
Ulf Ekman has opened up the Church for Rome. Together they will promote the coming end time false religion.

The head of the Word of Faith summer camp in Borås is the well know preacher and pastor mobilizer Ulf Ekman. To a Catholic blogger, the camp organizers confirms that the campers will be «celebrating» the Roman Catholic mass. «The Catholic Mass (Eucharist) will be celebrated on two occasions », says Jan Hallquist, who coordinates the Oase camp.

The ecumenical gathering will be wide. An Orthodox priest and a Messianic Jew will attend. The Swedish Christian Daily reports that Ulf Ekman on Saturday used the camp to apologize.

«There are issues I have been responsible for. I will not go into details, but I apologize. And I will take up the responsibility to make a deeper union in the body of Christ», said Ekman and was applauded.

«To remain in Christ, is one of the challenges given us in the book of Revelation, without being afraid. The truth is that there have always been crisis like this. Christians has to move away from the belief that Christianity only is about individuals».

Source: The Swedish Daily newspaper: «Dagen.se».

My comment:

I did not become popular when i some time ago warned other Christians that Ulf Ekman is a false teacher and a false prophet. He is walking in the Spirit of a false Messiah, who will bring him and his flock back to Rome.

Todays article in the Swedish Christian daily is confirming that I was right.

When Ulf Ekman again spoke about unity in the body of Christ, he mean «the Church». But a Church that does not accept «Sola Scripture» and «Sola Fide» has never been the body of Christ, and should not be accepted as the body of Christ.

First of all. The body of Christ can not be divided. People who are born from above by the Holy Ghost will recognize the true body of Christ. To say that the body of Christ is divided, is to say that the Master is unable to rule over and guide his children.

Jesus knows who are his children, and his children knows each other by One Spirit. Ekman has by his accept of children of the devil as a part of «the Church», gone astray. This is what he should have apologized for. And than returned to the true Church of Jesus from Nazareth.

What is at stake?

Regardless of Romes endless disobedience to the the Jewish scriptures, also called the Bible, the Catholics claims to have a «Jesus» physically present at the bread at the alter. By eating this bread, the «Eucharist», Rome teaches that people accept «Christ». This Jesus is a copy-cat. I like to call him «Jesus of Rome». The true Messiah Jesus of Nazareth can only be found in obedience to the Word of God. The Word is the bread from Heaven. The Roman teaching about «Eucharist Jesus» has come up from the Abyss.

Read more about the Catholic mass and the Eucharist: Click here

5 thoughts on “Ulf Ekman and Oase camp in Sweden celebrates Catholic Mass

  1. Hello Ivar!
    Read some of the content in your website.

    I recommend you and the reader of this post to do an extensive research of NT and Pauls doctrines at the below website (and learn what the followers of first century Ribi Yehoshua (the Mashiakh – Messiah) – the Netzarim – said about Paul and the Church; see the below website) to find about its origin and the origin of the Church.


    Anders Branderud
    Geir Tzedeq, Netzarim

    1. Dear Anders.

      Shalom. I have never heard about a first century «Ribi Yehoshua». But what I know, is that God the Son would not have been able say anything about Paul. Because Paul was not even one of his disciples. Jesus of Nazareth departed to Heaven well in advance of the salvation of Paul, that made him a preacher of the good news.

      What you are trying to tell us, is not good news. You are following a false Messiah. You need to repent, and come back to the true path. Or you will perish.

  2. I must make a comment on the headlines and the content of this blog, as I myself attended the OAS meeting held in Borås, Sweden on July 21-25th. I also heard the speech of Ulf Ekman which was on Thursday the 23rd.

    The Oas movement is a charismatic and faithful renewal movement within the Church of Sweden, but ecumenically open both towards the evangelicals and catholics and even orthodox and messianic jews. Oas is not a part of Livets Ord (Word of faith) and Ulf Ekman is not a part of the leadership in the movement. Ulf Ekman was only present on Thursday this year.

    Everyday there was masses celebrated according to the order of the Church of Sweden, and on Saturday a big solemn high mass. On Wednesday and Friday there was also a roman catholic mass celebrated by catholic priest. Both catholics and christians of the Church of Sweden attended this masses but only the catholics asked for and recieved the holy communion.

    1. Dear Jonas.

      Shalom. Thanks for a positive and reflective comment. Thanks also for bringing in this eye witness account from the Oas camp. The ecumenical movement accepts Roman Catholics as Christians. What should be the base for doing so? The former head of the Church of Sweden, Martin Luther branded the Pope of Rome as an antichrist?

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