Worship leader: «Get rid of Rock Bands within Evangelical Churches»

The harm done by this kind of music and these musicians far outweighs any salvation or discipleship benefits.

John Joseph Lydon alias Jonny Rotten in the punk rock band Sex Pistols. He said it very bluntly: I am an antichrist.
John Joseph Lydon alias Jonny Rotten in the punk rock band Sex Pistols. He said it very bluntly: I am an antichrist.

This is a statement by Dan Lucarini. He is a former worship leader, but had to get away from the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) movement. After his experience with taking teens to CCM concerts, Lucarini believes the harm done far outweighs any salvation or discipleship benefits. This includes the CCM artists, whether intentional or not, role modeling indecent dress and rebellious images, or stirring improper crushes and lustful interests among fans.

«I meet a lot of people today that are questioning because they’ve gotten burned out on the worldliness, the entertainment, and the no holds barred we can do anything we want with music» and God loves us. And they just come to the point where they go ‘that ain’t right, says Lucarini.


In his book, Lucarini strikes back at most of the arguments Christians make to defend CCM, including «Isn’t music amoral?», «Isn’t this just a matter of personal preference and taste?», «Show me where the Bible says rock music is evil». «Isn’t CCM easier to sing than hymns?» and «Isn’t God using CCM to save and disciple teens?».

No, he’s not a fundamentalist «stuck in the old ways», he says. But he’s a Christian who says he realized CCM was man-centered and unavoidably associated with a spirit of immorality.

«We used the excuse that we wanted to reach out to the young people», Lucarini said. «You know what? They didn’t like the music. It was our music. It was classic rock. We just did it for ourselves. That was the conclusion I came to».

«Let’s be honest about it. It wasn’t to save souls. It was just because we like that kind of music and we’re the rebellious generation so we just basically thought we could do whatever we wanted», he added.

At the heart of his argument is that rock music, and all forms of it, is a music style that was created by immoral men for immoral purposes.

«And I don’t believe that Christians can just take it and sanctify it and call it holy», he says to those who say it can be used to reach people for God. « think it’s a mistake».

But when Lucarini and other like-minded Christians challenge the popular music style in church services, they’re often labeled as legalistic Pharisees and dismissed because of the generation gap.

Source: Christian Post.com

My comment:

I might not become very popular among my own youth group, but I agree with Lucarini that «Christian Rock» is and will forver be Rock, and should be avoided in Churches. But I will warn against rock as an expression, also for other reasons than Dan Lucarini. This music style is wrong because very few will be able to hear the gospel. All the noisy sounds blurs any gospel message. Many of the texts, even in slower beats, are shallow, or not inspired by concrete verses in the scripture, and often do not mention Jesus, but only «Lord» or «God».

Christian Rock first became famous in non-denominational Charismatic Churches. From there it spread into all kinds of Churches globally.

Most of the counterfeit messages in evangelical Churches today, has first been promoted in Charismatic Churches. Like the acceptance of the word and practices of being «drunk in the Spirit».

We are many times touched by the Spirit, and can even fall under the influence of the Holy Ghost. But the Bible explains that being drunk is a fruit of our sinful nature. In Toronto Airport Church many people were so «drunk in the Spirit», that few people ever heard a single sane word come out of their mouth.

People who claimed that the Apostles were drunk in the spirit on the day of Pentecost were rebuked by Peter. «These men are not drunk, but explains the Gospel in other languages».

The language of Rock and Roll is not a God given language. It has come up from the Abyss, and should be kept for people who enjoy their presence in the Kingdom of Darkness.

Let me assure you, that i love rockers of different colors, who surely will disagree with me on this issue.

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  1. Wow this is very interesting.. I have sorta heard this argument before but never seen it from this perspective..
    & I completely agree with the sorta sensuality in these certain beats & tones and performance!!! i’ve been too many “christian rock” concerts & i’ve sorta witnessed first hand & almost caught myself in a state of lust & partial confusion?? As a worship leader myself (novice) i try to keep a balance. You have to understand that i grew up listening to contemporary if me and you are talking about the same kinda music.. Like mercy me casting crowns?? i think those are pretty decent and God glorifying?? don’t ya think? maybe i could get some clarity by example.. Could you tell me who or what kind of music you are talking about?? That is contemporary? & as a musician contemporary christian music is all i know…? Do you think you could share with me what kind of music is God glorifying or pure christian music??
    I would love to hear, know & share..
    Thankyou & Godbless,
    Natalie Prado

    1. Dear Natalie


      You wrote:

      Do you think you could share with me what kind of music is God glorifying or pure christian music??

      My comment:

      My first concern about “Christian rock” is that I can not hear the gospel inside all the noise. My second concern is that the text must be centered around Jesus, and not just around “god”. All religious people believe in ‘god”.

      I would like to be in a fellowship, who let rock music stay within the limits or pubs and bar’s.

      I accept people who disagree with me in this, as good Christian brothers and sisters.

  2. The phenomenon known as sex, drugs and rock and roll has been one of THE most powerfully effective tools used by satan to undermine and demoralise Christian culture in the decades since WW2. God hating government backed anti christs promoted it as a way to hypnotise the masses and subdue their innate sense of right and wrong. It still has that effect even if it is described as “christian” rock and roll.
    I speak as one who played drums before I was saved and continued after I was saved, but now very seldom play at all.
    Modern music (rock/blues/jazz/soul-the whole lot) is very much based around the “ME”, MY feelings, MY emotions, MY expression etc, as well as being open to the occultic influence. And the prominent and insistent drum beat is what defines modern music. It comes right out of pagan ritual. That has carried over into so called gospel music, which these days in many instances is no more than a musical floor show to entertain seeker friendly souls.
    Personally, I have found the most powerful times of Christian worship to have been those instances when a congregation was led to simply start singing spontaneously, just basic simple CHRIST CENTRED hymns and songs, where there was a deep desire to honour Jesus, and a unity created by the Holy Spirit.
    Oh and while we are on the subject, it is just as dangerous to think “oh, mozart and beethoven are fine…..” The spirit behind their music (catholic enlightenment humanism) is just as deceptive and destructive as the occultic paganism at the heart of rock music, even when it appears in a church.

  3. As we also know, Satan is the angel of music because he was created with music in him. He knows he appeal to the carnal senses of the wicked generations as well as the lukewarm Christians . Sadly.

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