Less jobs for Arabs in Arab countries. Israel blesses them with trade and work

12.000 Palestinian Arabs get their livelihood from construction work on so-called settlements. The economy in Israel is four to five times stronger than all but one Arab nation in the Middle East. But even 30 per cent stronger than in Saudi Arabia.

Arabs working to build homes for Jewish settlers.
Arabs working to build homes for Jewish settlers.

When the restoration of Israel took place on 1948, the Jewish immigrants came back to a desolate wasteland. The motives behind the British occupation of this land had always been to bring whatever of value back home to London. The Arabs did not pay much attention to the land the Roman Empire named Palestine. There had always been some Jews living her, among some beduins and some few Arab villages.

Within 60 year of its existence, Israel became the most prosperous of all the nations in the region. If you look besides the oil empire of Saudi Arabia, Israel has a GDP per capita income which is 400 to 500 per cent higher than any of its neighbors. But even Saudi Arabia is 30 per cent behind Israel, who has no oil and natural gas resources. The Jewish people do have a good system of moral values, and a high working moral. Liberty and freedom always pays off. Thats why Israel also has the lowest unemployment rate in the Middle East.

Will a building freeze in settlements improve lives of the Palestinian Arabs?

Absolutely not. It will deny livelihood to 12,000 Arabs who work for Jewish and Arab contractors building homes in the settlements. These Arabs are not necessarily happy about new Jewish building, but they’re responsible enough to admit that they must feed their families.

Can Arab Palestinians get better living condition by the rule of Fatah or Hamas, than being under an Israeli government?

Absolutely not. No other Arab countries can find a better model state in the Middle East than the state of Israel. To million Arab Israelis knows this, and have become Israeli citizens.

Arabs are the first to admit that their own «government» is doing nothing to offer them alternative work. Besides as far as they are concerned, these Jewish homes could someday be Arab homes. This is the very simple and basic human principle of envy. If I work hard, and get better fruits than you. You just get your self a gun, and rob the fruits of my hard work.

The Spirit of Islam can not handle a Jewish people who are the most successful in the region. Thats one of the reasons for why Radical Islam is working to destroy Israel. Because Israel is exposing their own lack of blessings, and Islams separation from a compassionate, forgiving and loving God of the Bible.

The economical data can speak for them selves

GDP per capita PPP in USD. (2008 est.)

Israel: 28.900
Saudi Arabia: 21.300
Oman: 11.466
Lebanon: 11.100
Tunisia: 7400
Iran: 6.869
Egypt :5500
Jordan: 5000
Syria: 4900
Morocco: 4725
Iraq: 4000
Yemen: 2600.

Unemployment: (2007 or 2008 figures in per cent).

Israel: 5,9
Egypt: 8,7
Syria: 9
Lebanon: 9,2
Morocco: 10
Saudi Arabia: 11.8 (Only men)
Jordan: 13,7
Tunisia: 14,1
Iraq :18-30
Yemen: 35

Source: Wikipedia.com

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