Clinton: The US accepts an Iran with a nuclear bomb

Hillary Clinton is no longer willing to promise Israel to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. The US will instead make money by letting the Middle East come under the US nuclear umbrella.

Benjamin Netanyahu can not trust the US and Hillary Clinton in the issues of a nuclear Iran
Benjamin Netanyahu can not trust the US and Hillary Clinton in the issues of a nuclear Iran

In a TV-interview in Thailand, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed that The White House will allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb. She did so by promising the Middle East to come under the US nuclear umbrella as a protection against a nuclear Iran.

This statement was obviously given as an effort to calm the allied of the US in the region, including the Sunni Muslim Arabs. But to the rather opposite, Clinton has sent shock waves around the World. This is the fist time the Obama administration confirms that the US plans to adjust its policies to a possible Iranian nuclear bomb is stead of destroying the bomb.

Israeli Minister of Intelligence & Atomic Energy Dan Meridor however is not relaxing in response to the secretary’s statement, stating we mustn’t permit Iran to achieve nuclear independence, rejecting a sit back and wait attitude.

Meridor warned that it would appear America is already accepting a nuclear Iran as a fact of life, and this he adds makes him feel extremely uncomfortable. At present he insists, we should not deal with scenarios addressing a nuclear Iran, but we must address how to prevent such a reality.

Israel is less than pleased with the position adopted by the White House vis-à-vis Iran, promoting dialogue all the while Tehran advances its nuclear program, ignoring international sanctions.

Source: Editorial in the Norwegian Christian Daily «Dagen», and YWN Israel.

My comment:

The Jewish Apostle Paul said that : Love of money is the root of all evil. The US will surely loose some money by using force on Iran to stop this terrorist nation to get a nuclear bomb. A lot of oil production capacity is also at risk.

The big US corporations and the Pentagon have now come up with a much better idea: «When we allow Iran to get the bomb, the other nations in the region will surely be willing to spend a lot of money to get some protection».

Like always, with the US: Money talks.

Unfortunately for the US, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not afraid of the US nuclear deterrent. The Iranian President is the main promoter of Islamic Jihad and believes he has to destroy Israel to bring the Islamic Messiah back to Earth. Ahmadinejad´s False Messiah is the 12th Imam. Hillary Clinton is playing with fire. The US Secretary of State has with her statement made Jewish trust in the US the main security risk for Israel since the day of her restoration in 1948.

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