Jews to start reclaiming land in Jordan

The Israel Land Fund is a group dedicated to restoring Jewish property in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. This Zionist foundation is reportedly looking east. According to AFP, the organization plans to begin buying historically Jewish properties in Jordan as well.

Benjamin Netanyahu has the right to loose his pations with King Abdullah. If the Arabs claims land in Israel, the Jews will claim land in Jordan.
Benjamin Netanyahu has the right to loose his patience with King Abdullah. If the Arabs dont stop claiming land in Israel, the Jews will claim land in Jordan.

Many Jews purchased land in what is now Jordan during the British Mandate, when such land was seen primarily as part of the greater Land of Israel. In 1946 Jordan declared independence as an Arab, Muslim country. Two years later, the state of Israel declared independence, and Jordan’s rulers confiscated Jewish-owned land in their own country for state use.

Israel Land Fund chairman Aryeh King told AFP that his organization has proof that thousands of properties in present-day Jordan were historically Jewish, adding, «We have records of the ownership».

The plan is in its early stages, and no properties in Jordan have been bought to date. Purchasing would likely take place with the help of Jews in Europe, King said, as Israelis are prohibited from buying land in Jordan under Jordanian law.

The same Jordanian law is enforced by the Palestinian Authority, which views the sale of land to Jews or Israelis as a capital offense. The Land Fund manages to circumvent PA law by buying land through middlemen. In many cases, the group also helps Arab sellers to flee the country in order to avoid PA retribution.


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My comment:

The Arab Palestinians who do not want to live in Israel, have always had the option to reclaim their former citizenship in Jordan. From 1948 to 1967, they were de facto living in Jordan, since the so called West Bank was occupied by Jordanian soldiers.

Yesterday, the Kingdom of Jordan revoked the right for Arab Palestinians to get citizenship in Jordan. Thats the love Muslim brothers is able to show for each other.

The Arab Palestinians in the Jewish regions of Judea and Samaria is the victim of a evil, cruel and in human sufferings, pushed on them by an Islamic agenda of using them as a tool to destroy Israel.

The Jewish people have prospered after God of the Bible gathered them home to the land of Zion. There seems to be no end to the pain and suffering of the Arab Palestinians. They basically bites the hands that feed them. I will soon make an article with demographics and labor information. The truth is that there have never been anyone who have cared more for the Muslims living in Israel than the Jewish people.

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  1. The land of Palestine belongs only to the Jews and to me that would make the Jews “Palestinians” but nowhere that I have read have the Jews ever been called that.
    The term was used by a devil as far as I am concerned for a ragtime bunch of people that were descendants of ones that could not find jobs and came to Israel to work and this is the thanks that God’s people get.
    About normal for the world.

  2. Dear Dallas Kirk.


    To find the origin of the land Palestine, we need to go back nothing less than 2.000 years. The name was given by the Empire of Rome.

    The Jewish people lived in that land before the Romans came. It was the Jews that was caretakers, a duty given them by God. But: The caretaker job was given with conditions. One of them was to look after aliens, and treat them well.

    Not all aliens are from the devil. Boaz wife Ruth was one of them. Your great King David has a «caananite» great grandmother. And even more interesting. King Solomon`s mother was not Jewish. Uriah, her first husband was a Hittite. The great King David lost a child because of serious sins, but still a great and compassionate God of Israel forgave him.

    The relationship between God and his people the Jews have always been complicated. Up to this day.

  3. You are correct my brother for the grandmother of David was a harlot that saved herself and her family by helping the Jews. It is an example of how God was going to graft in the gentiles into his kingdom.

  4. If you are a Jew you are not grafted in. The way I read it the Jews are the “tree” and we as gentiles are grafted in by the way of salvation.
    Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Dear Dallas Kirk.

      Shalom. Good to have you back on this site.

      Romans 11:24
      After all, if you were cut out of an olive tree that is wild by nature, and contrary to nature were grafted into a cultivated olive tree, how much more readily will these, the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree!

      The Jewish Apostles speaks about a lot of Jews who are lost, but not forever. They will be grafted into their «own» olive tree! I love these lost natural branches, since I am one of these «wild» gentile guys Paul is speaking about. A saved wreck, grafted into the Jewish olive tree.

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