Walking on Earth among the dead

Two days ago I had a vision of a wall with thousands of big iron nails. I had to walk along that wall. But there was light on these nails, so I could see them, and avoid them. Jesus said: I am the light of this World.


On the other side, there was a similar wall. And in the middle only a narrow pathway, with curves and turns.

If there was pitch darkness, I would never be able to avoid getting hanged up in one of these nails. The worst things about this iron nails, was that they were moving back and forth, to try to catch me. Sometimes I touch one of them, and get hurt. But they can never get hold on me. I just have to adjust my direction a bit.

The Spiritual dead hang on these two walls. They need Jesus to come and rescue them. Darkness does basically not exist. Its just the absence of Light. Light up a candle in your darkest room, and you will see.

To a brother of mine.

First when I saw the picture on you blogg, this vision became complete. Jesus banged into this wall to set us free. It became his crown of thorns.


I will copy this picture, and make a fresh message on my blogg. May Jesus of Nazareth bless you with all kinds of Heavenly blessings today. If you live in darkness, open our heart, and let Jesus switch His light on. Amen.

One thought on “Walking on Earth among the dead

  1. thats cool!. thanks for putting my blog picture on your post. its powerful eh. i look at it and remember the sacrifice of Jesus for me, that he loved me so that he gave his life for me that i might be forgiven and know God, for this life and for eternity. it is only by Jesus that i am made clean and whole and forgiven. thanks for sharing. blessings, fireball

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