Security Chief: «Quatar Sheik to give Hamas more of East Jerusalem»

Shin Bet chief goes before cabinet, warns both Palestinian Authority and Hamas are trying to expand their foothold in capital’s east. The US helps by putting pressure on Israel to halt construction in East Jerusalem.

Yuval Diskin warns that Radical Islam soon will get a foothold in East Jerusalem
Yuval Diskin warns that Radical Islam soon will get a foothold in East Jerusalem

Shin Bet is the Israeli Security Agency. Their Chief Yuval Diskin warned Sunday that the Palestinians were increasing their activities in east Jerusalem, with aim of increasing Palestinian presence in the capital.

Speaking at the cabinet meeting, Diskin said that there is ongoing, clandestine Palestinian Authority activity in east Jerusalem, meant to stop Jews from buying land in the area.

The Palestinian Authority has been trying to curb such activity from its inception, persecuting and prosecuting Arab land brokers who sell property to Jews, and sometimes even sentencing them to death.

Hamas, he added, has been increasing its effort to get a foothold in the Jerusalem: Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s senior cleric, who also heads the Islamist group’s charity operation, has allotted $21 million to the purchase of property in the city in favor of forming Hamas infrastructure.

Source: Ynetnews. com

According to the reports, Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren was summoned to the State Department on Friday, where he was told that the president wants Israel to halt construction of the Shepherd Hotel being built next to the Israel Police headquarters on the eastern side of main road that runs north from Jerusalem’s Old City.

The direct American pressure came following complaints by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that the hotel was being built on land claimed by his own regime as part of its future capital.

Israeli officials responded by telling radio interviewers that the land is privately owned, and that the Israeli government is not about to start interfering in private business affairs as a result of diplomatic pressure. Nor will Israel give up its right to build wherever its sees fit in Jerusalem.

    Hillary Clinton tries to put pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu. Hamas and Fatah is rejoicing.
Hillary Clinton tries to put pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu. Hamas and Fatah is rejoicing.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally weighted in on the matter at Sunday’s cabinet meeting, insisting that under his government, Israel will never comply with demands that Jews stop buying land and building wherever they please in Jerusalem.

Source: The Magazine Israel Today.

My comment:

I guess Hillary Clinton would not like Israel to tell the US what to build or not build in Washington D.C?

So I guess that the US should back off, not telling the Government of Israel what they should do in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem.

But the new signals from the Barack Hussein Obama government is alarming. No longer can Israel rely on the United State of America as one of its faithful allies. Obama would rather please the King of Saudi Arabia than the Jewish state.

Read more about Obama being crowned by the King of Saudi Arabia: Click here:

2 thoughts on “Security Chief: «Quatar Sheik to give Hamas more of East Jerusalem»

  1. In order for the US to be an honest broker in a Middle East peace, Netanayahu will have to comply to Obama demands. Obama is US policy. In the showdown between the US and Israel, the US will be victorious.

    1. Dear Joe.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew that saves people today.

      I was just wondered what kind of victory you expect the US to get in Jerusalem? Will it be best for World peace, if the City of the Jewish King David is given back to Hamas or Fatah?

      Since you, like me believe in the return of the Messiah:

      Is a Jerusalem under the control of Radical Islam what will please Him? I guess you are aware of the touch down point of the Messiah on the Mount of Olives. Its in East Jerusalem. Would it be Fatah or Hamas supporters waiting for him there? Whom of their suicide bombers do you think he will return to save?

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