Mennonite Church wants Israel to accept one-state-solution give up Zionism

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and Christian Peacemaker Teams wants Israeli Jews to abandon their insistence on maintaining Israel as a sovereign Jewish state.

The Jews have tried to live as a minority in many formes of one-state-solutions. One of them wasNazi-Germany.
The Jews have tried to live as a minority in many formes of one-state-solutions. One of them was Nazi-Germany.

This prescription fails to take into account overwhelming evidence that a Jewish minority would not be safe in a Muslim- and Arab-majority country in the Middle East.

The MCC has also conducted a campaign to portray Iranian President Ahmadinejad as a legitimate partner in dialogue and a victim of bad publicity.

Mennonite-supported peacemaking institutions have been at the forefront of the effort to discredit Israel to audiences in North America. These institutions portray Jewish sovereignty as the cause of conflict and suffering in the Middle East and downplay Muslim and Arab hostility toward Jews and Israel.

Mennonite expressions of hostility toward Jewish sovereignty and indifference to the plight of Jews in Arab- and Muslim-majority states are ironic and hypocritical. Mennonites enjoy safety and wellbeing by virtue of other people’s willingness to engage in acts of violence. Israeli Jews enjoy no such privilege.

Mennonite anti-Zionism is emblematic of an inability to deal with the reality of evil and the power needed to confront it.

Source: The Institute for Global Jewish Affairs

My comment:

The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and many Mennonite Churches are member of World Council of Churches (WCC).

The said thing about MCC and WCC is that they make Christianity a bad word in the Jewish World.

Not being able to see that its God of The Bible who have gathered His own people back home to their Promised land, they are at best Spiritually blind. Even worse is it, that they come to the Jews with a copy-cat Jesus, that does not respect the eternal promises that God has given the Jewish people. Such a false Messiah can not save the Mennonite Christians. Is it so strange, that for 2000 year, the Jews has refused to accept such a Messiah? Who was never suppose to fulfill the prophetic word, of gather them home to Zion?

If they do not repent, The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and the World Council of Churches (WCC) are on their way to an everlasting tragedy.

7 thoughts on “Mennonite Church wants Israel to accept one-state-solution give up Zionism

  1. It is no wonder that some of my Mennonite friends have left their church. It is sad to hear this for those that are against Israel are against God himself.

    1. Yes it is the tru. I was a Mennonite but at that time that I recieve Jesus as my Saviuor, the Mennonite peaples reject me. But a am were happy for all this things that the Lord has giving to me.

  2. Dear Kirk.

    Shalom. Thanks for this comment:

    If you are truly born again, you can never leave His Church. Because, we, His Children are the Body of Christ. Man has largely misunderstood the message of the Messiah. We think that the body of Christ are a building or a religious system of priest and pastors.

    Today, most of the body of Christ are not in what we look up on as «organized» Churches. People who love and adore Jesus of Nazareth are out there walking with Him, caring for the lost World. The «lost» Church seems to be lost, and if not repented for, are facing a tragic end.

  3. Well said, my friend, if the church of today does not repent and follow 2 Chronicles 7:14 this country is doomed. I don’t see us as being a significant part of the tribulation for we as a nation will turn our collective backs on Israel and for that we will be made worse than worthless.
    Ezekiel says that all will turn their backs on Israel.
    Come to take some spoil? What sad statement for one that is suppose to be a friend.

  4. Soy menonita, fui creado en una colonia Alkolonier en Mexico, pero fui rechazado por ellos al aceptar al Señor Jesus como mi Salvador. fui creado con ideas del anticemitismo, aunque por ignorancia no entendia por mi mismo en lo que estaba, me arrepenti de esto y por la gracia de Dios y por milagro, no teniendo dinero pude ir a Israel el año pasado para decirles a los judios que les amo. La idea de resolver el estado judio es ridiculo a la luz de la biblia. Que Dios tenga misericordia de aquellos que estan en tal cosa de querer que los judios ya no se identificon como nación.

  5. It’s an embarrassment to hear of this organization you call a church of god or Christ . Thev Israeli people or Zionism is the coming home of all Jews from the 4 corners of the earth . Jews have been the subject if demonizing and being demorilized for 1000s of years … Oviosly you Mennonites take the gospal as black and white . Hamas is a terrorist group they must be eliminated as a threat to Israel and all human kind , just like Iran . Iran stated if it attained a nuclear weapon it would erraticate Israel off the face of the earth . Such as the holocost .. Do you recall that when 6000000 Jews were murdered ..,or do you ignore that to . and to spell your hatred of the Jews like all other groups . Your blog is hatred of a people that are the most peaceful people and a democracy as a nation that is the shining light for the world . How dare you even call your selves christain when you can destain a nation that is only protecting itself being surrounded be enemies that want to unfold it .,. Israel such as god intended it in psalms 48 became a great nation unto god . You are an embarrassment to all christains . Actually your church is not even a christain faith only a fools church of lies and corruption … Tim Beattie …

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