«Man can not destroy what God protects and will save»

«This morning I blessed my neighbor. He is neither a Jew, nor a righteous gentile. Still he has picked up some important truths about Israel».

Use every oportunity with wisdom, to explain to others the love of God of Israel.
Use every moment with wisdom, to explain to others the love of God of Israel.

I felt the Holy Ghost telling me to talk to my neighbor just after sunrise. I was on my way to office, and had a book in my hands. I knew my friend as an educated man, and that he would stop and take a look at this book.

«The History of the Middle East wars», by John Westwood».

Oh, Yes. Israel is a miracle. Its a prof of what man can do, when they have a strong will, my neighbor replied.

I felt the God of Israel tell me to give him a deeper understand about the struggle between God and the Jewish people. To give him something to think about:

«Israel is more than that. Israel is the best proof of what man can not do».

As the sun came above the horizon, my neighbor had to raise his eyebrows, because he could not understand my statement:

«Israel is more than that. Israel is the the best proof of what man can not do. Because what God has promised to protect, no man can destroy. The Arabs have tried to destroy Israel from the day of her restoration. They shall never succseed».

«Oh, yes. God is surely with them, my neighbor replied». And he continued:

«The Jews came back to a desert in The Middle East, and are now an exporter of food. In fact, the Arabs should stop harming Israel, and in stead learn from them. Then they might prosper».

Are you a Jew?

Please put this message into your heart.

Are you a Muslim?

Please stop fighting brother. Bless and support Israel. And the Jewish nation will become a blessing to you.

Are you a Christian?

Open your eyes. It costs us so little to bless Israel and the Jewish people. If you do this, expect our God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to bless your heart and hands today. In the name of Y´shua. Amen.

My neighbor wanted to read this book. I will lend him, and come back and tell him more about what is ahed of us in the Promised Land. The return of the Jewish Messiah.

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