Egyptian jurist: «Shimon Perez is spilling blood of Palestinians»

«Shimon Perez is a Zionist whose country is raping Palestine and spilling the blood of Palestinians»

Tantawi refused to walk out of an dialogue conferance addressed by Shimon Peres
Sheikh Sayed Tantawi has got pepper in Egypt because he refused to walk out of an dialogue conferance addressed by Shimon Peres

This is a statement by Sheikh Abd el-Muati Bayumi, an important Islamic jurist and a member of Al-Azhar University research council. He react to his principle not walking out from a interfaith dialogue last month in Kazakhstan, when The President of Israel was addressing the convent.

At a time when Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has adopted President Shimon Peres as an alternative to Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, critics are attacking the head of Al-Azhar University for not leaving a conference on interfaith dialogue last month in Kazakhstan because Peres was taking part.

«I fail to understand what a politician is doing at a meeting of faiths», said Sheikh Abd el-Muati Bayumi, an important Islamic jurist and a member of the university’s research council.

Some of Egypt’s leading publicists directed their criticism at the head of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Sayed Tantawi, for not leaving with the Iranian delegate to protest the presence of the Israeli president.

Al-Azhar is considered the most important religious university in the Muslim world.

Egyptian parliamentarians representing the Muslim Brotherhood even called for Tantawi’s dismissal as university head because of this «display of normalization of ties». But Egypt’s religious affairs minister, Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq, came to Tantawi’s defense, saying in a newspaper interview that Tantawi did not shake Peres’ hand or the hands of the rabbis at the conference.

“What can we do when a government issues an invitation to a roundtable discussion?” Zaqzouq said. «That was the way the seating arrangement was set up»

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government insists on staying within the rules of diplomatic conduct, even though Egypt’s intellectuals and religious leaders refuse to allow any hint of normalization in relations with Israel – even during interfaith meetings.

This is not the first time Al-Azhar’s head has been criticized for being soft on Israel. In November last year, Tantawi was photographed shaking Peres’ hand at an interfaith meeting hosted by the United Nations in New York.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Let me repeat what I wrote about the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

God spoke to Abraham, and his offspring, his son Isaac and Jacob, later renamed Israel.

Genesis 12:3
«I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.»

When Sheikh Abd el-Muati Bayumi curses Shimon Peres it will only harm him self.

Its also funny to notice, that Sheikh Abd el-Muati Bayumi wants Muslims to walk out of «dialogue conferences» with Jews. I guess such sulky moves will not lead to any dialogue.

11 thoughts on “Egyptian jurist: «Shimon Perez is spilling blood of Palestinians»

  1. Hello I would like to invite you to visit our website :(…..censored).

    IKhwanweb is the Muslim Brotherhood”s only official English web site. If you have any addition questions you can email us at : (censored).

  2. Dear Omar.

    Since you are a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, you might have been involved in the killing of Jews, believing that God demands Jewish blood.

    What makes you think killing others can save you?

    Violence and killing starts with an evil thought. Who do you think put it there? The Devil, or a loving and caring God?

  3. This is a big lie, we are not killing people, we are not killing jews, but Zionist Are the one who used to kill women, kids and aged men for hundred of years, and what is going on at philistine is the best prove, And what happened in gaza few months ago is the best prove also thats the Zionism the only one who are supposed to be called ” a terrorism movement ” , the violence seekers The blood seekers.

  4. Dear Omar.

    When you claim you are not «killing people», you are a liar.

    Your sins killed the most loving Jew you will ever met. He was crucified, so you could live.

    He loves you. His name is Jesus. Do you want to surrender to Him?

    Nothing else matters.

  5. Im not lying, history is the best prove who used to murder people, Zionists used to murder the humanity not just the muslims.

    Whos the terrorism here ? Do you forget last gaza war ?! did you forget all of their massacres? Even if you did the history wont.

    We shouldn”t recognize a state for Zionists as they are a group of militias, hence, we shouldn’t even recognize their agreements, “vampires of this age” who drink the blood of people and are never quenched.

    The Islamic and Arab world, even the whole world observe what commit Zionist occupier on genocide, desolation in Palestinian territories, besides the suffocating siege against Palestinians in order to subdue, subjugate, humiliate with aim to enforce surrender. What is going on the Holy City of Jerusalem after the latest Gaza destruction crime, schemes and practices aim at Judaization, and change the historical religious, demographic, and political identity to establish racially pure Jewish capital of the Zionist entity, within plans targeting our Arab and Islamic nation.

    1. Dear Omar.

      I let this comment pass, so you can read it your self. Calling Zionist «vampires of this age». I am a Zionist. In your first comment you said you loved me. Do you realy love «vampires».

      Jesus does not think you are a vampire. He knows that deep down in your heart, there is a man that needs to be saved. Saved from his sins, bitterness and hate. You are that man Omar.

  6. I never said i love you or noticed about it , are you kiddin me ?!

    And yeah Zionists are the vampires of this age, And am a proud muslim dont worry about me, I am doing fine

    The really one who needs to be saved from his sins, bitterness, hate and envy is Zionists, The blood seekers.

  7. Please do not change the point, i think we were talking about Zionists massacares, racist wars which history will never forget it, and your lies about us being the evil minded here.

  8. Dear Omar.

    I asked you a simple question. It should not be difficult to answer, if your heart was filled with the presence of a good and Holy God.

    Just say: Ivar, I love you. Just try…

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