Sarkozy worried that Israel will attack Iran alone

«A unilateral attack by Israel on Iran to thwart the Islamic republic’s nuclear ambitions would be an absolute catastrophe»

netanyahu and sarkozy
Dear Sarkozy: Please join Netanyahu in his struggle to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb so the Ayatollahs can destroy the Jewish people.

This the French President Nicolas Sarkozy statement at the G-8 summit in Italy. Sarkozy was quoted by AFP. From an Israeli perspective, the senior government official explained, the G-8 deadline included both positive and negative aspects.

On the positive side, there has been a degree of concern in Jerusalem since the events that followed the June elections in Iran that the international community would try to push back the timetable on the nuclear issue until the dust cleared in Teheran.

The G-8 statement, the official said, strengthened the sense in Jerusalem that the international community was sending a message that «time is of the essence» and that international stocktaking of Iran’s position on the issue would take place regardless of Iran’s internal situation.

On the negative side of the ledger from an Israel perspective, however, was that the G-8 deadline was also a sign the international community was sill locked into «engagement» mode, dashing any thinly held hope in Jerusalem that the Iranian regime’s brutal repression of the protests there would lead toward immediate sanctions.

My comment:

Lets study what French President Nicolas Sarkozy did not say:

«A unilateral attack by Iran on Israel to try to genocide the Jewish people would be an absolute catastrophe»

Why did the France President not utter such words at the G 8 summit?

This is the real treat, that none of the World leaders talks about. Israel has never said they would like to wipe Iran of the face of the earth. President Ahamdinejad of Iran has repeatedly said he will destroy Israel. Soon he might have the nuclear weapons to do so.

Next. For whom will an Israeli attack on Iran become a catastrophe? Not for the Jewish people. May be for France? No longer Iran will be able to fill the cars in France with fresh petrol?

For whom will an Iranian attack on Israel become a catastrophe?

Obviously for the Jewish people, who will share the faith of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Behold. God of the Bible will never allow Israel to be nuked. His people, whom He has re gathered back home to Zion, will not be  wiped out from the face of Earth.

But on the event of the return of the Messiah to stop Iranian nuclear missiles in mid air, all World leaders will have to give Jesus of Nazareth an account, of why they did not stop the mad men in Tehran.

That`s not going to be a pleasant examination of the evil deep inside their heart.

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