Israel ready for nuclear first strike on Iran

The Dolphin-class attack submarine can carry nuclear armed cruise missiles. An Israeli first strike on Iran will make this war the shortest in World history.


The six day war in 1967 is one of the shortest the World has seen. Facing the threat of extinction from its Islamic neighbors, Israel decided to stop the coming war before it started. And Israel did it alone. During the morning hour of 5th of June, the Egyptian air force was destroyed on the airfields in Egypt it self.

Facing an newly re-elected Iranian President who is a holocaust denier, and who repeatedly in public has said he will destroy Israel, the Jewish state have pleaded with the International community to stop Iran from going nuclear. Having got a semi-Muslim, naive and indecisive new US President, Israel is rapidly running out of peaceful options to end this terminal threat against its people.

The display of The Dolphin-class attack submarine going through the Suez canal was another display of Israeli supreme military capabilities in the Middle East. If the rest of the World ditch her, she can in a desperate move attack Iran alone.

  Gabi Askenzasi will do whatever has to be done to protect the Jewish people
IDF Chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi will do whatever has to be done to protect the Jewish people

If a Dolphin-class attack submarine moves into the Persian Gulf, it will be able to come within striking distance of the Iranian nuclear facilities. If Israel strikes at night, the Iranian will not even know what hit them, before its all over. It will take the Israeli cruise missiles less than two minutes from they are launched, to they strikes their targets.

From a military viewpoint, this makes sense. To risk the life of Israeli Pilots flying over hostile Arabic airspace, is no longer a necessary risk to take. In 1967 it was a matter of life and death. The Israeli Air force stroke Egypt with military excellence the World had never seen before. God of the Bible was the supreme commander of the Israeli pilots. A hostile Air Force ceased to exist, with the absolute minimal loose of civilian life both in Egypt and in Israel.

When Israel destroys the nuclear facilities in Iran, there will be innocent civilians dying. When the Iranian missiles pointing at Israel is blown away with small tactical nuclear bombs, Iran will face their civilian population facing nuclear pollution, health hazards and cancer deaths for ages to come. But be sure of one thing: The Government of Israel is not barbaric. It will not nuke Tehran, and mainly civilian areas of the Islamic Republic. Unlike Iranian sponsored suicide bombers, who tries to inflict maximum civilian Jewish deaths.

If the claims of Radical Islam were true, that the «Zionistic entity» of Israel is «cruel, evil and barbaric», the Ahamdinejad governed Iran would have ceased to exist long time ago.

One of the greatest day in Jewish History. 10th of June 1967, when God of the Bible again gave them the chance to be the caretakers of Jerusalem.
One of the greatest day in Jewish History. 10th of June 1967, when God of the Bible again gave them the chance to be the caretakers of Jerusalem.

Israel learned a lot during six days in 1967. The World has learned nothing. Its ruled by Spiritual blind people, who do not know the Power and will of God of Israel. Jesus our Messiah is coming back, first in the clouds of Heaven, than He will touch down in the capital of Israel, the city of King David, Jerusalem. Than all of Israel shall be saved. This is he truth. In the name of Y´shua. Amen.

Where there is no fear of God of the Bible, there is only foolishness. Please reflect on this.

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