Tony Blair dictate the Arab Palestinian business community

The Quartet’s special envoy Tony Blair has started to dictate business relations between Israel and the Arab Palestinians in Judea and Samaria.

The Pope has got a new envoy in his faithful servant Tony Blair
The Pope has got a new envoy in his faithful servant Tony Blair

According to a senior political source, all contacts on economic issues with Palestinian officials are carried out through the Quartet’s special envoy, Tony Blair.

There is no practical progress on economic projects due to the refusal of senior Palestinian Authority officials to cooperate with Israel. The Palestinian refusal to meet senior Israeli officials resulted in the cancellation of a joint conference scheduled to take place in Tokyo on the Jericho industrial zone.

«The Palestinians are concerned that if they cooperate on economic peace, Israel will be able to avoid the political process», the source said

The Arab Palestinian business society includes investments in an industrial zone in Bethlehem, (funded by France), as well as one near Jenin (funded by Germany and another near Jericho (paid for by Japan).

Source: The Israeli daily Ha´aretz.

My comment:

Lets first give Tony Blair benefits of doubts, that he has not done such a foolish thing. But I will not be surprised if he has done.

On this web site you can read that Tony Blair has converted from the Anglican faith, and become a Roman Catholic. Blair has become a servant of the Pope in Rome. The Roman Catholic Pontiff wants the Holy land back. The Vatican has always refused to accept that its the Jews who are the one and only true caretakers of Zion, Eretz Israel.

Tony Blair is a caretaker of his own fame. If he can be branded a «man of peace», he could care less if what he is doing, goes against the Word of God. If the former British Prime Minister does not repent, he is going to pay a heavy price for his foolishness.

Whats the foolishness?

I wounder what Tony Blair would have said, if Benyamin Netanyahu had started to dictate the Scottish business community in how to deal with the government in London? There are people in Scotland that works for a two-state-solution. But as long as there is only one state, outsiders has to back off…

Tony Blair: Back off. You are an alien in the Middle East. And even worse. You represent an former illegal occupier, that should have finally withdrawn from the region in 1947.

Read more about Blair`s struggle to limit the Jewish control over Zion.
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