Jobbik in Hungary hate Jews and Gypsies

«I would be greatly pleased if those who call themselves proud Hungarian Jews played in their leisure with their tiny circumcised dicks, instead of vilifying me»

Krisztina Morvai sent a hate message to the Jews in Hungary
Krisztina Morvai sent a hate message to the Jews in Hungary

This is a message from Jobbik chief and MEP Krisztina Morvai. She wrote a message to Hungarian Jews posted on an online forum. And the lady added:

«Your kind of people are used to seeing all of our kind of people stand to attention and adjust to you every time you fart. Would you kindly acknowledge this is now OVER. We have raised our head up high and we shall no longer tolerate your kind of terror. We shall take back our country».

The Fascists are on the move again in Europe
The Fascists are on the move again in Europe

The right wing party «Jobbik» got 15 per cent of the votes in the EU elections in Hungary. Krisztina Morvai. made the remarks on the Deák Ferenc Civic Forum website.

Morvai’s wrath was unleashed by comments from Gábor Barát, finance manager of a New York radiology institute, who called her a psychiatric case and a monster. Barát, referring to himself as «a proud Hungarian Jew», said Morvai foments hatred and said she should be banned from politics for her dangerous remarks.

Morvai did not deny that she wrote the message, but declined to comment further.

My comment:

There is no excuse for anti-Jewish comments like this. Many people might support the right wingers in Europe because they have voiced their opposition towards the invasion of Islam. But Fascists will not stop their agitation with a war of words against Islam. In Hungary they have already started to target Gypsies and Jews. Just like Nazi-Germany. They also gassed gypsies, and all they considered not worthy of life. The Fascists are back. Welcome to Hungary, a member of the European Union. A new «Weimar republic» is ruling in Europe.

Read more about the Weimar republic
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6 thoughts on “Jobbik in Hungary hate Jews and Gypsies

  1. Nice intention, but it does not seem very informed.
    The neo-fascism in Hungary has nearly nothing to do with Islam, but a lot with antisemitism and anticiganism.
    And although the situation in Hungary is very serious is it an exaggeration to call it a second Weimar republic. Yet.

  2. Europe is under siege, and needs to be defended.
    Therefore, Europe should stand united as one.
    Obviously, the threat comes solely from massive Muslim immigration into our countries, and definitely NOT from Jews, who are as European as other Europeans. Israel and the Jews in the USA are even Europe’s best allies (the US government has unfortunately turned unreliable and pro-Muslim, since they elected a crypto-Muslim as their president).
    The Gypsies do pose a serious social problem in several Central- and Southeastern European countries, like Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.
    The justified complaints about “Gypsy behaviour”(not wanting to work, stealing, use of black magic and increased violence) by the working native people of these countries should be taken seriously, and needs to be addressed with suitable tough measures. However, this is hardly understood by the EU and the Western-European elite, who only accuse f.ex. “white” Hungarians and Romanians of “racism” every time they vent their justified frustration.
    However, he Gypsy problem could be resolved on an EU level with intensive political work and education programmes, that would force them out of their self-inflicted state of social isolation.
    The Gypsies themselves would benefit as well from becoming “normal” working and tax-paying citizens of their countries, although most of them are not able to see this now.
    But the African, Arab and Pakistani Muslim immigrant population are much more problematic, due to their disdain for Whites and Christians, their hate for Jews, and their degrading views of women and of gays, and their absolute rejection of everything Christian, Western or European.
    It is the Left-winged elite, who rules our countries, who betrayed us and plans to collaborate with the Muslim invaders to exterminate us.
    Therefore, the solution can only come from the Right.
    It’s not without reason that the word “right” has two meanings: in fact, the meaning is one and the same! In Western-Europe, f.ex in France, Britain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the Right had moved forward, and recognized that the main threat comes from Islam, and NOT from Jews, and NEITHER from neighbouring European countries! (and NOR from Gypsies, who are a mere nuisance, but no real threat). Consequently, they [The New Right] knows, that it is essential to bury ancient mutual animosities between Europeans (f.ex. Germans and French) for good, and look forward and work for a better the future – TOGETHER!
    They also managed to abolish anti-semitism, because they recognized that the Jews are their main allies in the apocalytic confrontation that we all face.
    Due to the absence of Muslim immigrants in Eastern Europe, hence the absence of problems with Muslims (Russia, Serbia and Macedonia being the exception), this problem is not yet fully understood in most of Central- and Eastern European countries. It is therefore very sad, that a well-organized party of good spirited people, like the Hungarian Jobbik, fails to be a suitable member of a network of the European Right. They still linger on the injusticesof Trianon. True, Trianon was a grave injustice to Hungary. But this is past. The solution is not irredentism, but cooperation with the neighbouring countries and working for autonomy and (Hungarian) minority rights in f.ex Slovakia and Romania. We would like to welcome Jobbik with open arms in our Right-winged league, but then they need to realise three essential things:
    – The Jews are no longer enemies, but allies of Hungary.
    – The neighbouring nations (Austrians, Slovaks, Slovenes, Croats, Romanians, Serbs, Ukrainians) are now ALL potential friends of Hungary.
    – The real threat to Europe, and hence to Hungary, comes from the current Muslim invasion.
    With the bitter collective memories of the Ottoman onslaught in mind, this move should be not too difficult to make for the members of Jobbik.
    We are waiting for you!

  3. She has a point. It’s time for Jews to love Israel and for Hungarians to love Hungary.
    The Jews love Israel, and so it would be in their best interest to live in Israel. The Hungarians love Hungary, and so it would be in their best interest to live in Hungary.

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