On May 15, 1963, David Ben-Gurion wrote to poet Haim Gouri: «[Menachem] Begin is clearly a Hitlerist type: a racist, willing to destroy all the Arabs for the sake of Greater Israel; he justifies any means for the sacred end – absolute rule …»


A few years later, Ben-Gurion «transferred» his hatred to Levi Eshkol, and wanted to reconcile with Begin.

«My [wife] Paula has always been an admirer of yours, for some reason,» he wrote to Begin in February 1969: « was strongly opposed to several of your viewpoints and actions …

and I don’t regret that, because in my opinion I was right (anyone is capable of making a mistake without realizing it), but on a personal level, I have never had anything against you and the more I have gotten to know you in recent years – the more I have appreciated you, and my Paula is pleased about that».

In 1981, then-prime minister Begin sent Gouri a copy of Ben-Gurion’s letter, and this week Gouri spoke about this document at the annual conference of the Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History, in Jerusalem.

Source: Israeli Newspaper: Haaretz.

My comment:

Zionism without God of Israel will always stand on shaky ground. If the state of Israel only have come into existence by a political votem I guess another political vote can disolve the Jewish state?

The first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and the majority of Israeli politicians fathered a secular Jewish state in 1948. There was many reasons why the Jewish people should get their own homeland. Among them are cultural issues and traditions.

But the only valid and eternal justification for a Jewish state is the Word of God. The God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has svore that the land of Zion, Eretz Israel belong to the blood related family of King David. Nothing more, nothing less.

That David Ben-Gurion was able to regrett his statement on the later Prime Minister Begin, is an example of discernment. Zionist Menachem Begin was the first Prime Minister of Israel that signed a peace treaty with an Arab nation in 1979. This peace treaty has been kept by both parties. Fascists does not keep peace treaties.

Even David Ben-Gurion finally had to admit that Israel is a miracle, not only a secular statehood.

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