– Less violence gives more business for Arabs inside Israel

«The Palestinian territories are experiencing a marked economic upturn as a halt in violence leads to increased trade and investment».

The Israel-Palestine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ofir Gendelman is the heads of the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce.

«It is way quieter now in the West Bank than the way it used to be even six months, or 12 months ago».

This is a statement of Ofir Gendelman, who heads the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce. «When there is quiet, when there is security, the economy will flourish and this is what we see».

Construction projects can be seen just about everywhere. The town of Ramallah is preparing to open a newly-built five-star hotel, the result of European investment. Improved security has led the Israeli army in the past year to remove more than 140 checkpoints, allowing for the freer flow of people and goods in the West Bank.

«It is easier to negotiate with someone who has a normal life, someone who is not desperate, someone who does not feel disenfranchised,» added Gendelman.

«I think that the betterment of the economic situation in the West Bank has definitely improved the chances to reach a peace deal»

Source: Voice of America, (VOA News)

My comment:

Israel has always had to demands to the Arab Palestinians. «Stop using violence, and recognize the right of the state of Israel to exist».

The problems the Arab Palestinians face is basically a curse they have brought up on their own head, because of the Islamic agenda of destroying Israel. The day the sons and daughters of Ishmael get rid of the yoke of Islam, the Messiah will bless them. Everyone who stop cursing Israel, but rather bless the Jewish people will be blessed.

Everyone who loves the Son and Daughters of Jacob, renamed Israel, also loves the Arab people. When we see good things happen to them, we always rejoice. May we all become One in the Messiah, sent to bless the Word by God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In the name of Y´shua. Amen.

16 thoughts on “– Less violence gives more business for Arabs inside Israel

  1. My friend,

    Is this in any way a joke? How can you expect Arabs to show peace when Israel still occupies Palestine? Your post fails to even mention the humanitarian crisis imposed on Gaza by Israel. If you want peace in Palestine/Israel, Israel needs to cease the occupation it has imposed since 1967. It’s that simple. Don’t blame ‘the Islamic agenda of destroying Israel’. That’s a pure fabrication, there is no Islamic agenda in doing this. However, correct me if I’m wrong, there does seem to be a JUDEO-CHRISTIAN belief in destroying and ethnically cleansing Palestine, so the Jews can dwell there. All for purely religious reasons. Am I wrong in saying that?

    You need to get a little more serious when discussing a sensitive issue. Don’t spread falsehood.

    Get back to me on that.

    1. Dear Hamad.


      The Islamic hate against Jews has nothing to do with the so-called «1967 occupation». The PLO was formed in 1964, and the motive was to destroy the Jewish state. You see. The Arabs have been deceived by the Islamic agenda of hate towards the Jewish people. Even if you keep on lying a million times, what you say will never become the truth. When PLO was formed in 1964, the area which you claim is occupied by Israel, was controlled (occupied) by Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Before that, the land was occupied by United Kingdom, and 400 years before 1917, it was a part of the Ottoman Empire. This land has never, never been a property of a Arab Palestinian people.

      Be honest. The curse that Islam has brought up on the Arabs, will only be removed when you replacing hate with love for the Jewish people. Zion, Eretz Israel belongs to the sons and daughters of Jacob, who was renamed Israel. Thats the truth.

  2. My friend,

    There is no need for any dishonesty by either of us. There is no need for any nonsense or ignorance regarding this conflict. There’s no need to tell me to stop lying.

    There is also no need to describe Islam as a curse. Some would call that hateful and discriminatory.

    Once again, you still failed to mention the people of Gaza. Where is there economic uprise?

    And you didn’t answer my question, about this occupation being a Judeo-Christian ideal. That wasn’t a rhetorical question.

    As far as your reply to my comment, after reading it a few times, you have proven yourself to be afraid to confront the truth. I can see very well that you are outstanding in memorizing the script in defense of Israel.

    It’s simple really – I criticize Israel’s occupation, and you start shooting out these claims about the PLO’s foundation and the ‘Islamic agenda’.

    Let me water this down for you – Israel is occupying land. This is illegal. Israel is imposing a humanitarian crisis on the people of Gaza with a blockade. No economic prosperity in the West Bank is worth it for the Palestinians. They want a state.

    You have failed in defending Israel. It’s time to stop playing games and get serious.

  3. Dear Hamad.

    There can be no occupation, of a land that has never belonged to the Arabs.

    Gaza is suffering because of Hamas. The people of Gaza will never be free, before they get rid of the yoke of Radical Islam.

    In stead of giving statements, give me some facts.

  4. My friend,

    You like facts? When you are given facts you refute them. I mention the occupation, and you refute it. When the international community confronts Israel for occupying land, are they wrong in doing so?

    You say the land never belonged to the Arabs. That is nothing but a lie. Straight up. Try telling that to the countless Palestinian refugees dispersed all over the Arab world. That is a fact.

    Israel is breaking international law with its occupation and settlement. That is a fact.

    Palestinian families have lived in Palestine for generations. That is a fact.

    Gaza has always been occupied, before Hamas was elected. That is a fact.

    Before ‘Radical Islam’ was introduced to the media, Israel was still occupying Palestine.

    These are all facts my friend. Gaza has suffered way before Hamas. Hamas was only elected in 2006 for God’s sake.

    Tell me something, why do you have twist the truth in order to feel justified? Why can’t you just say ‘Israel is breaking international law, but I still support them regardless.’

    Because that’s what’s happening. The international community knows this. Israel wants full annexation of Palestine.

    Why hasn’t Israel stopped settlement expansion even after the USA asked it to?

    1. Dear Hamad.

      Let me ask you just two questions:

      When was there an Arab Palestinian statehood in this area?

      Is the city of Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran?

  5. I will gladly answer these questions. Before I do, I want to express that they have absolutely no significance with the war crimes Israel is inflicting. These are questions that are meant to persuade me (wrongfully) that Palestine shouldn’t exist, or it has no legitimacy to exist. And I will not have that. Because you challenge me with these ridiculous questions, it proves that you don’t know how to defend Israel. Instead of answering me, you ask me two ridiculous questions. Let me be clear – you can ask me any number of questions. I welcome them all. But you never seem to answer my questions. How unfair.

    Answer to your first question:

    The Arabs (and Europeans) always considered Palestine the land which is now occupied by Israel and the West Bank & Gaza. The indigenous people who lived there are known as Palestinians. Palestine has always existed until modern times, when it was denied recognition of statehood, and the Balfour Declaration of 1917 sought to establish a Jewish homeland within Palestine. Britain then captured Palestine, and in 1948, the mandate of Palestine split up the land and Israel was born. Britain only denied to recognize Palestine as a state because they wanted to establish Israel for the Jews. So to the question of Palestinian statehood, you can’t deny that Palestinians lived there, and it was recognized, and STILL is recognized by numerous nations as a state. It’s currently not recognized because Israel want’s full annexation, and of course, it’s much easier to annex ‘the West Bank and Gaza’ than Palestine, the country. Either, Israel is breaking international law.

    Don’t try and convince me Palestine is a myth. It existed long before your modern state of Israel, and Jewish life thrived in Palestine. Palestine welcomed Jews. But Jews don’t welcome Arabs.

    Answer to your second question:

    I don’t believe Jerusalem is mentioned explictly in the Quran. This however, doesn’t matter, because Arabs don’t cite the Quran as a reference to Jerusalem. They cite their own family history there. Unlike the Jews who immigrated from the West into Israel.

    Now my friend, one question for you:

    What right does Israel have to ethnically cleanse and illegally occupy Palestine?

    1. Dear Hamad.

      Let me correct your comment, one fact at the time:

      You wrote:

      The indigenous people who lived there are known as Palestinians.

      My comment:

      When the Jews came into this land from their captivity in Egypt 3500 years ago, there was already living people there. When you call your self a «Palestinian» and not an Arab, you basically tells me you are from the ancient people from Filistia, called the Philistines. The meaning of the word Philistines is «intruder». This people was wicked, and ceased from being a people 3000 years ago. To claim that there are Philistines today in the Middle East, is an illusion. A Islamic invention, trying to rob the Promised land from the Jewish people.

  6. Hamad,

    You asked him how Palestinians are expected to make peace when Israel still occupies the – for the sake of convenience – the “Palestinian territories”. And ivarfjeld provided you with the best of all responses: The Palestinian Liberation Organization was formed in 1964, a full three years before Israeli “illegally” occupied the territories.

    Please, explain to me what prompted the forming of an organization to liberate “Palestine” from Israel, when the territories that are so contested today were actually being administered by Egypt and Jordan. Did the Arabs consult an oracle and somehow determine that Israel would one day occupy these lands?

    Regaining the West Bank and Gaza is only a stepping stone in the Arab’s quest to “liberate” the entirety of Palestine.

    As far as your claims of the occupation being illegal, those are also misinformed statements that are at variance with international law. Israel, as the defending state, had every right to occupy the territories of the aggressors in the 1967 conflict. There is virtually zero historical precedence for a defending state being required to return land vital for security and defense.

    Regardless, Israel has always lived up to its word – that it will return land for peace. Israel demonstrated this when they returned an oil-rich Sinai to Egypt, and even returned Gaza for no peace whatsoever – despite leaving hundreds of greenhouses (which were subsequently turned into tunnel spots) and a border with Egypt. You say Israel blockades Gaza, yet you forget that Gaza shares a border with another country, which interestingly enough provides their Palestinian ‘brothers’ with nothing.

    As far as Palestine, it has always been considered – by Arabs and Europeans – as a region, and not a sovereign entity. It doesn’t take a very bright person to realize that there has never been any Palestinian government establishment, any nationalist movement, or any collective identity before the 1900’s. Palestinians are simply Arabs – just as Iraqi’s are Arabs, Syrians are Arabs, etc. In fact, most of the Palestinians were Arabs who immigrated to Palestine in the wake of Jewish immigration. You see, the Arabs waited until someone would drain all the swamps and make the land boom before they would consider it theirs – the land that they supposedly coveted for thousands of years prior.

    Palestine was a name introduced by the Romans following the expulsion of the Jews nearly two thousand years ago, in an attempt to minimize Jewish connection with the land. The Romans even attempted to erase the name Jerusalem and replace it with Aelia Capitolina, a failed attempt.

    It’s time to deal with the facts. Jerusalem was the capital of a Jewish state hundreds of years before Islam was drummed up, and Jerusalem will always remain the capital of Israel.

    As far as your claim of ethnic cleansing, its a little absurd to say that when considering that the Palestinian population has only quintupled under Israeli administration. A few hundred or so Palestinian Arabs killed in operations that occur every few years (in response to aggression) doesn’t qualify as a campaign of genocide. Sorry. Your little campaign of throwing out mean and accusatory words isn’t working very well. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, blockade, oppression, etc. What else are the Arabs thinking up in their little propaganda war?

    I mean no disrespect, just a little flustered, thats all.


  7. I see that Joe has also been trained to defend Israel’s regime. He likes to use ancient Roman history. He even mentions that the PLO was founded in 1964, a FULL three years before the occupation. Does he not realize that Israel became a state in 1948? As soon as Israel became a state due to the British Mandate, Palestinians lost land. Haifa, used to be an Arab town. Not anymore. You see, maybe the PLO should of been founded earlier.

    But then Joe decides to disagree with me on my terminology. He says ‘it’s a little absurd to say that [ethnic cleansing] when considering that the Palestinian population has only quintupled under Israeli administration.’

    Let me remind, or enlighten Joe on what ethnic cleansing is (Dictionary.com):

    the elimination of an unwanted ethnic group or groups from a society, as by genocide or forced emigration.

    The Arabs like to call this the Naqba. FORCED IMMIGRATION. It’s still happening today. Israel won’t recognize the Palestinian’s right to return. It doesn’t matter if the population of the West Bank and Gaza reaches 1 billion – ethnic cleansing still occurred, because Arabs were forced out of Palestine. It has nothing to do with the number of Palestinians living in occupied territory.

    But Joe isn’t going to stop there. He’s a pro Zionist. He’s going to dish it all out. He’s going to question the legitimacy of the Palestinians death toll. And he says ‘A few hundred or so Palestinian Arabs killed in operations that occur every few years…’

    Joe, I’m not going to say anything else regarding your last statement except this: Shame on you for downplaying the suffering of the countless of Palestinians who have been killed.

    Joe’s post wasn’t all bad though. He has some humour within it. He say’s this :’Sorry. Your little campaign of throwing out mean and accusatory words isn’t working very well. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, blockade, oppression, etc. What else are the Arabs thinking up in their little propaganda war?’

    Funny isn’t it?
    According to him, the Arabs, in their propaganda war, are using words like ‘apartheid, ethnic cleansing, blockade, oppression, etc.’

    Joe, the Arabs are a minority within the international community who use these words. It’s foolish of you to say otherwise. Even news sources use these words. Is the BBC run by Arabs, Joe? Is Norman Finkelstein an Arab? Is George Galloway and Arab? How about Noam Chomsky?

    AND my favourite part of Joe’s post is when he mentioned the Arab’s ‘propaganda war’. Everyone knows that’s a Zionist tactic, as outlined with Ivar’s faulty responses to my questions (he never answers my questions, just hurls propaganda to try and confuse me).

    Good day, Joe!

    1. Mate, I’m sorry, but it’s tit for tat here. You can say Jews cleansed Israel of Palestinians (quite incompetently, I should say, as there are over a million Palestinians in Israel today). However, shouldn’t you mention ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab countries? The numbers of Palestinians “cleansed” from Israel in 1948 and number of Jews “cleansed” from Arab countries in same period are quite comparable.

    2. Hamad,

      You have quite a grave difficulty in grasping simple concepts. Currently, the Palestinian Liberation Organization calls for the ‘liberation’ of territories captured in 1967 – and then peace will be possible with Israel. One might ask, however, what the Palestinians were seeking to liberate in 1964? To my recollection – they were fighting for the ‘liberation’ (eradication) of the entirety of Palestine (Israel).

      Between 1948 and 1967, there was virtually zero activity from the Arab world in regards to the fate of the West Bank and Gaza territories. It hardly came to anyone’s attention that those territories would become a part of a future Palestinian state. Only once Israel captured those territories in a defensive war did the Arabs initiate their little propaganda war, claiming those territories were always meant for the Palestinians and that Israel was preventing them from having a state of their own.

      It took twenty years for the Palestinians to capture a case of nationalism, didn’t it.

      Palestinians have no right of return. The fate of the refugees, the responsibility for their well-being lies with the body that instigated their plight in the first place. It wasn’t Israel that invaded five Arab countries with threats of ethnic cleansing (ironic, isn’t it), and it wasn’t Israel that encouraged Arab civilians to flee their homes and villages. Regardless, you are right in that Israel did forcibly evict a number of Arabs – but never more than several miles, most usually over the partition line, where the Palestinian state was supposed to exist. If you noticed, hundreds of thousands of Arabs still lived in Israel in 1948 – and millions do today. \

      While we are on the subject, where is the Jewish right of return to communities that existed in the Arab Peninsula and Africa before Islam was even invented?

      Hamad, I’m not downplaying the deaths of Palestinians. It’s quite tragic. Yet theres a twist to this entire fiasco: You are the one that excuses Hamas’s use of your Palestinian brothers as puppets, human shields, in their quite successful experiment to capture international sympathy for their cause.

      I’ll agree with you on one point; news sources and self-hating Jews to indeed use the common propaganda terminology. Its a sad fact, a true shrine to human stupidity.

      Indeed, we Zionists control the media and sway everyone’s good favor toward us. I see you have escaped our wrath, however…just a chink in the system I suppose.

      Good day!

  8. Dear Hamad


    Now, you are telling the truth. You say that Israel is occupying Palestine, also the city of Haifa.

    This was my point from the beginning. Stop lying, and try to convince us that its the claimed to be 1967 «occupation» that is the problem.

    I hope that every Jew in the whole world will read your reply. I hope that every Muslim also will come forward and tell the truth. Because the truth shall set you free from all lies and deception.

    If you are right, just ask me one question:

    Where in the World do you want 5,5 million Jews to settle when they are forced to leave «your Palestine»?

    I guess Iran will be a bad choice? What about Saudi Arabia? I guess they will not even get a entry visa? You of course know that the Jewish Airliner El Al is not even allowed to enter this Islamic nations air space?

    In Hitler Germany, they found a permanent solution to the «Jewish problem». They put the Jews in gas chambers, and made ashes of the bodies that cold not be traced.

    Since the Arabs control 22 nations in the Middle East, 200 times bigger than Israel, I guess non of them was capable to take care of the so-called «Arab Palestinians» who had to flee Israel, when Arab nations tried to destroy Israel in the war of independence in 1948?

    What i just wrote is the difference between lies and the truth, evil and love, information and propaganda.

    Dear Hamad.

    You are blinded by your hate for the Jewish people, and your hate will make you perish. But behold. The Jewish Messiah Y´shua did carried your hate and sins when he died for you on the cross in Jerusalem, the city of the Jewish King David.

    Repent, and be baptized. Fill your heart will the love of Jesus of Nazareth, and you will be saved from this wicked World.

  9. Sadly, I don’t have the time to read through the entire conversation. It seems to be, though, that Hamad considers Palestine and Arab land because Arabs lived there for long enough time. While there is evidence of Jews’ living in Israel hundreds of years prior to Arabs (going as far back as 1,300 BC), Arabs consider the land to be Arab because they lived in this land since the forceful occupation in 7th century.

    In this case, I believe all Jews have to do, is to stick in this land long enough, until it becomes widely acceptable. After all, the Arabs did the same trick – and it worked. No reason for this not to work for the Jews.

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