– Less violence gives more business for Arabs inside Israel

«The Palestinian territories are experiencing a marked economic upturn as a halt in violence leads to increased trade and investment».

The Israel-Palestine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ofir Gendelman is the heads of the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce.

«It is way quieter now in the West Bank than the way it used to be even six months, or 12 months ago».

This is a statement of Ofir Gendelman, who heads the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce. «When there is quiet, when there is security, the economy will flourish and this is what we see».

Construction projects can be seen just about everywhere. The town of Ramallah is preparing to open a newly-built five-star hotel, the result of European investment. Improved security has led the Israeli army in the past year to remove more than 140 checkpoints, allowing for the freer flow of people and goods in the West Bank.

«It is easier to negotiate with someone who has a normal life, someone who is not desperate, someone who does not feel disenfranchised,» added Gendelman.

«I think that the betterment of the economic situation in the West Bank has definitely improved the chances to reach a peace deal»

Source: Voice of America, (VOA News)

My comment:

Israel has always had to demands to the Arab Palestinians. «Stop using violence, and recognize the right of the state of Israel to exist».

The problems the Arab Palestinians face is basically a curse they have brought up on their own head, because of the Islamic agenda of destroying Israel. The day the sons and daughters of Ishmael get rid of the yoke of Islam, the Messiah will bless them. Everyone who stop cursing Israel, but rather bless the Jewish people will be blessed.

Everyone who loves the Son and Daughters of Jacob, renamed Israel, also loves the Arab people. When we see good things happen to them, we always rejoice. May we all become One in the Messiah, sent to bless the Word by God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In the name of Y´shua. Amen.

Ireland: Catholic Church might have abused 150.000 children

A new Irish report claims that as many as 150.000 children since the 1930-ties have been abused by Catholic priests and nuns. The report carries stories from 3.000 people who have been sexually abused.Pope1

It has taken social workers in Ireland nine years to collect evidence from Irish children.

«Sexual abuse have been rooted in Catholic institutions.The religious authorities in Ireland knew about such abuses, not able to deal with the internal problems of such Catholic organizations». states the report.

It was in the year 2000, that the Government of Ireland formed a commission, that was told ti investigate abuse of Children. The commission has spent 60 million US dollars to investigate, and have produced a report that has 2500 pages.

The report claims that priest and nones of Catholic organization like «Christian Brothers» and «Sisters of Mercy», who runs Catholic schools and youth ministries all over Ireland. 90 per cent of the involved institutions are owned by The Roman Catholic Church of Ireland, and in particular «Christian Brothers».

Many of the abused children have been admitted to such institution based on poverty, criminal past or lack of other house holds to live in.

Source: The Danish Christian Daily (Kristelig Dagblad).

My comment:

The Roman Catholics are idol worshipers, not Christians. The Bible does not permit idol worship, like the Papal worship of the Queen of Heaven.

Jeremiah 7:18

The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes of bread for the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to provoke me to anger.

First publiched 22nd of March 2009.

Published by Ivar

Almost 10 years have passed since the Irish goverment exposed sexual abuses of a pandemic size, tens of thousand of children being raped or molested by Roman Catholic priests. No pope came to Dublin and apologized.

The present pope wants us to believe that he is a different pope, Still mhaving been raised in Facsist Argentina, climbing the same ladder as alterboy, seminary, priest, bishop, achbishop and cardinal.

People who still believe in all these lies, will propably never surrender to truth. But continue to walk down the broad path towards destruction.  There have been multiple warnings. All ignored. The sex crimes are bad enough,but the cover-up an act of a criminal syndicate with the papacy at its center. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all who leave this religious movement, repent and embrnce truth. Amen.


Written by Ivar.





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