Iranians walk out of Israeli president speech

Iranian delegates stormed conspicuously out of the opening event of an interfaith conference in Kazakhstan on Tuesday when Israeli President Shimon Peres was invited to the podium to deliver an address.

Shimon Peres have always been an ambassador for peace. Here with King Abdullah of Jordan.
Shimon Peres have always been an ambassador for peace. Here with King Abdullah of Jordan.

One Iranian later told reporters that his country views Peres as a “repulsive Zionist” and said he was not welcome at such a conference. The Iranians returned to the hall after Peres had finished speaking.

For his part, Peres urged his mostly Muslim audience to cast aside religious fanaticism and its adherents and make peace with Israel on a basis of reason and compromise.

He specifically called on Saudi King Abdullah to meet with him in Jerusalem or in Riyadh so that their shared vision of peace can finally be realized.

Source: The Magazine Israel Today.

My comment:

There is nothing wrong in Interfaith conferences. People of different religions needs to be able to live in peace with each other. The problem is that there are violent religions. Either Muslims like it or not, Islam is the only religion were there is a civil war going on. Muslims killing Muslim, and both sides claiming they are doing it for Allah.

Radical Islam is not only killing Muslims. They are killing Jews, and if they could they would also killing Christians who oppose Allah, and claims that Muhammad is a false prophet. There are no Christian or Jewish suicide bombers. Why? Because sound Christians and Jews, believes that God wants us to bless others, not kill them.

In Interfaith conferences we need to present to each others our views about the truth. Any Muslim that attend such gatherings, will need to hear that Islam is a deception, that will lead him to Hell. If he is not told so, you will be the one guilty of not telling him the truth, not telling him he needs to repent. Interfaith conferences that brands Islam as a peaceful religion, is cheating both the Muslim world, and the rest of the World.

In Kazakhstan Shimon Peres was hated just because the is Jewish. The Spirit of Allah can not accept that there is a Jewish people, and a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. The end of the children of the Spirit of Allah will not come, before the true Jewish Messiah comes back. That day will surely come. Are you ready for the final Judgment?

6 thoughts on “Iranians walk out of Israeli president speech

  1. Just so you know where I’m coming from: I am a “secular” Jew with strong sympathy for Israel. It’s not a perfect country. No country is. But overall, [and I’ll admit I’m biased] I think the heart of the state of Israel is in the right place as the people struggle to survive in an incredibly hostile environment where many of their neighbors clearly want to “drive them into the sea.” Undoubtedly, there is a lot of fundamentalist radical and murderous Islamicism [is that a word?] in the world today. But you know what? I don’t think it comes from the religion. I think it comes from the current environment in those places that foster it. Throughout history, each religion has had its share of fundamentalism, radicalism, and murder [including Jewish and Christian]. No religion has a monopoloy on it. Also, throughout history, each religion [including Islamic] has had its share of kindness and compassion. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think the issue here is religion. It’s crazy violent people. I probably shouldn’t post this. I’ve never written a post like this before. But you seem to be a reasonable person, and although I don’t believe as you believe, I thought I’d join the conversation and express my views…

    1. Dear Marstead.

      Thanks for this very positive and reflective comment. And thanks for branding me a «reasonable person». First of all, I agree with you much more that you know. I was a secular man, and had many secular friends. When I came to faith one of my best friends got angry, and approached me with this question: – Ivar, have you become a Christian?

      My reply confused him: I said: «no»: My friend continued: Now, you have become really mad. You just said you believed in Jesus?

      I asked him to reflect on this: My answer is depending on your definition of «Christianity». If you demand, that I now have to agree on all the wrong things that have been done in the name of Christianity, all the wrong things the Church have done, and even all what man has done in the name of «Jesus», the answer is no. But I have found a Jewish friend that I can no longer live without, and His name is Jesus….

      I dont know if this makes sense to you?

  2. By the way are you Jew or Christian? I’d like to share with you what the Almighty Allah Says about Jews and Christians in the Holy Quran, in addition to this here’s a sneak preview of the letter sent to the Vatican and MJO by

    The world we live in today is filled with corruption, oppression and an evil that is flourishing amongst our people. It is our duty as religious leaders to uphold and encourage the common good of mankind.

    The problems we face in our world today is with substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol and a variety of un-Khosher (Haraam) things, unlawful sexual relations before marriage, sodomy and racial discrimination amongst our people.

    The Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: Q5:44 “Lo! We did reveal the Torah, wherein there is guidance and a light, by which the Prophets who surrender to His will judge (rule) the Jews, and the rabbis and the priests (judged) by such of Allah’s Scripture as they were bidden to observe, and thereunto were they witness.

    We (Allah) revealed the Scripture with the truth, confirming whatever Scripture was before it, and a watcher over it. So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires away from the truth which hath come unto thee. For each We (Allah) have appointed a Shariah (divine law) and a traced out way. Had Allah willed He could have made you one community.

    O People of the Scripture lend me an observant ear, we find in our midst today the evil doers promoting a law called democracy, for all they do and command by is said in the name of democracy and not in the Name of our Lord, in their evil system of law religion have no right to judge, in their system the religious head have been removed from the political scene.
    We await, and look forward to your response.

    The United Muslim Nations International

    1. Dear Farooq.

      Shalom. I had to cut your long reply. But you have freedom to express your self at this site. The Koran is full of errors. It does not state that God would make a covenant with Abrahams son Isaac, who was the father of Jacob, whom God renamed Israel. In the Koran, Isaac is not even mentioned. The Koran states that God established his covenant with «the Son of Abraham». In Islamic tradition, this son is Ishamel.

      All the errors in the Islamic World is based up on this lie. Zion dies not belong to Ishmael. Zion, Eretz Israel belongs to the sons and daughter of Israel. The Jewish people.

      As long as the Islamic World does not correct this error, the sons and daughters of Islam becomes the enemies of God of Israel. It materializes it self in a religion that takes forms that are wicked, violent and demonic. The hate towards Israel and the Jewish people first and foremost harms the Arabic people in the Middle East. The day Islam recognize the state of Israel, God will remove this curse that Islam has put on its own head. I am afraid I will not live to see that day. But I hope and pray that all Muslims will come to know the truth and they would start to support and love the Jewish people.

      When Islam starts to recognize Isaac, Jacob, and King David. Muslims will also discover that the Messiah is a Jew. God has a Son. And only through faith in Him, man can find peace with God and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the truth, and its my duty to tell you this.

  3. Dear brother.

    You cant see the Messiah with your eyes. You have to take look with your heart. When the World looks at Israel with their eyes, its chaos. When I look at Israel with my heart, I can see a miracle. I can «feel» the touch of a living God.

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