Military daily: «US commited to help Iraq rebuild Babylon»

The US State Department and World Monuments Fund have committed 700.000 dollars to the rebuilding of Babylon in Iraq.

An US soldier overlooking the rebuilding of Babylon in Iraq
An US soldier overlooking the rebuilding of Babylon in Iraq

This is confirmed by Diane Siebrandt, the U.S. embassy’s cultural heritage officer. U.S. and Iraqi experts will develop a plan to preserve the site and develop a local tourism industry.

Now soldiers with the 172nd Infantry Brigade are exploring the ruins as part of a U.S.-Iraqi effort to preserve the ancient city and plan for the return of Western tourists.

Members of the brigade’s 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment escorted a group of U.S. heritage tourism experts to the ruins last week for the first of several visits to develop a preservation and tourism plan for the area.

Jeff Allen works for the US State Department on this project:
«If you have 200,000 people a year coming to this site, you will have people staying at hotels, visiting restaurants, buying souvenirs», Allen said. «The site is in some ways a revenue generator for the local community».

«Babylon could be comparable to the Egyptian pyramids, which draw millions of tourists each year. But the area lacks the tourist infrastructure that has been built at sites such as the pyramids», he said.

Source: Stars and Stripes, Mideast edition, Sunday, June 28, 2009

My comment:

The George W. Bush administration operated like headless chicken, when they started to give money to the rebuilding of Babylon. There is no reason to believe, that the head will be put back in place, during the reign of Barack Hussein Obama.

Read more about the prophetic words in the Bible in regards to the rebuilding of Babylon: Click here:

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