Obama choses Evergreen Chapel as his new family Church

President Obama and his family have chosen their new Church. Its Evergreen Chapel in Maryland, the same Church as the two former President Bush chose to attend.

President Obama at his former Church.
President Barack Hussein Obama visiting a Church.

Evergreen Chapel is located near Camp David, the holiday camp for the US Presidents and their family. Evergreen Chapel is an independent Church, which serves 400 employees, mainly soldiers, who protects the Presidents properties at Camp David. The Obama-family have visited a lot of Churches in Washington, but have opted for the Church at their weekends and holiday camp.

A Chapel known for nondenominality and interfaith gatherings
A Chapel known for nondenominality and interfaith gatherings

The reason for this choic, is reportedly the President dislike of cameras inside the Churches of Washington. At Camp David he will get more privacy when he prays or sings in the Church.

The Obama family have been without a Church, since they broke away from the controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Source: Time.com

My comment:

President George Bush dedicated the Evergreen Chapel in 1991. At the ceremony, the late Cardinal James Hickey of Washington delivered a sermon calling the chapel a «witness to our common belief that we need to seek divine guidance in the conduct of our national affairs».

The US presidental Chapel was dedicated by the Roman Catholic Cardinal
The US presidential Chapel was dedicated by the Roman Catholic Cardinal James Hickey

Camp David’s current chaplain, Lieut. Carey Cash, leads the services at Evergreen. Cash earned his theology degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth — and, yes, that means Obama’s new pastor is a Southern Baptist.

5 thoughts on “Obama choses Evergreen Chapel as his new family Church

  1. So how often has Obama attended this
    Christian Church? There is more evidence that he is a practicing Muslim, than of a Christian. And if he is a Christian, then why does he refuse to show a legal birth certificate, and why does he try to convince the American people that Muslims helped our country and are peace loving, while they still worship Ala, and don’t recognize that Jesus is the son of God. How can you say Obama is a Christian when he believes that?

  2. Obama did indeed study in Indonesia, but three of those years were at a Catholic School: St Francis of Assissi. Overseen by a Dutch Priest, with Christian prayer every morning.


    Only half a year was spent at Besuki Public School, – an Indonesian government run secular school.


    Obama has been one of the toughest in regards to foreign policy against the Middle East, capturing brutal dictators such as Gaddhaffi and terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden. He believes that no matter what your religion, if you pledge allegiance and devote yourself to the founding principles of this beloved nation, that you can still be of use.You are not the enemy if you are Muslim, but you are if you despise America.

    He believes in the power of grace and loving others as yourself. He is an active agent of the love of Jesus Christ.

    And he has earned his second term.

    1. Jared,

      You said: He believes in the power of grace and loving others as yourself. He is an active agent of the love of Jesus Christ

      My comment: How would you even know that? Certainly not by his actions. As a matter of fact, he has not even stopped or spoke against some states, who choose to wipe out the name “Jesus Christ” whethere in song or pledge of allegiance.

  3. Hi Gloria, How does the Pledge of Allegiance mention of “Jesus Christ”? And why is this an issue? Certainly there are other issues that matter like people getting a job so they can support their family. We have a Congress that is obstructing everything our president proposes even if it is the same exact proposal for legislation that George W. Bush. There was not the problem with the raising of the Debt Ceiling during Bush II. By the way we are a Democracy we should not be declaring an “official” religion. Have you heard of States Rights? If a state via the ACLU and the Supreme Court of the State decides that saying a prayer to Jesus Christ is unconstitutional than this is what the decision is. By the way there are other faiths in this country who don’t want to have Jesus Christ shoved down their throats.

    1. Kyle,

      The pledge of Allegiance does have ““under God,” in it. It’s an issue. What does it say about America, if we continue to wipe out God’s name in everything?

      To me having a close relationship with Jesus, is more important than a job or supporting my family. Because when you completely trust Christ, he provides all.

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