Al Jazeera: «Jewish right wing settlers lay claim to East Jerusalem»

«Archaeologists digging at several sites around the Old City are right wing Jewish settlers». This is a statement recorded by English version of the Arabic News network Al Jazeera.

The Jews shall be forced to leave East Jerusalem
Islam will try to force the Jews to give up the control of East Jerusalem

Archaeological sites run by «right-wing settlers» present a «narrow» view of Jerusalem’s history, claims the Islamic news provider.

«Archaeologists are digging at several sites around the Old City with a clear agenda: to uncover evidence that would strengthen Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people».

«Using archaeology to serve political interests is controversial, which may explain why an excavation site in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan is closed off with corrugated iron fences», claims Al Jazeera, claiming the Jewish right wing settlers are «redefining the Holy City’s past», «hijacking history».

Al Jazeera also claimed the news network was refused permission to film at archaeological sites, and that the Israeli Antiquities Authority declined to give them an interview.

Source: Al Jazeera

My comment:

Since the World has accepted the Islamic lie, that the Jews have to pack up and leave the so-called West Bank, the Islamic TV-station Al Jazeera have set a new target:

Islam will do everything it can to get the Jews out of East Jerusalem.

This is not simple, since school children all over the World have learned about an ancient Jewish presence in Jerusalem. To be able to evict the Jews from East Jerusalem, the TV-station has started to brand Jewish archaeologists as criminals. Another Islamic title for such «Criminals» are «Jewish settlers». If Islam can make an global audience call this people:  «Right wing Jewish settlers», that should make the matter even worse. Because such people in the Islamic World are branded as «illegal occupiers».

This kind of Islamic accusations do not hold any merits.

Archaeologists are in fact supposed to dig in the ground. To dig can only be branded as a «Crime» by the real Criminals, who are afraid that the findings of the Archaeologists will expose the Islamic crime of trying to evict the Jews from the city that was founded by the Jewish King David.

The city of Jerusalem is Jewish, and have always been Jewish. And Israeli Archaeologists will keep on rediscover the Jewish roots to their capital.

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    1. Dear servant of the Most High.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment. I took a look at your blog. Keep on telling people the truth, at any cost. Do not let the fear of man rule your life, but put your trust in Jesus the Messiah. Amen.

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