The Magazine «Economist» buys the lies of Islam against Israel

«The Palestinians cannot and should not accept the sort of state Mr. Netanyahu is offering them».

Hamas took control of Gaza by using violence. Is is this kind of «real state» the Economist wants Israel to accept?
Hamas took control of Gaza by using violence. Is is this kind of «real state» the Economist wants Israel to accept?

This is the Editorial view in one of the Worlds most powerful magazines, «The Economist». The Magazine wants Israel to accept a «Palestinian state», without any demands that this new nation must be a demilitarized state. «Both states must be real» writes the Economist.

I agree with the Editor of The Economist, that states «have to be real». But what is a «real state?»


I guess there should always be some kind of legal base for a «real state». There must in the first place be a land, that rightfully belongs to a people who wants to form a state of their own. Since the land of Judah and Samaria was controlled by the Ottoman Empire from 1517 to 1917, we have to ask our selves:

Have this land ever been under the control of a «Arab Palestinian» people?

They did not purchase this piece of land. For 400 years, there was no demand for its independence. You will not be able to find any valid historic references that can support such claims, that there have ever been a «Palestinian state». Nor have there been a «Palestinian people», who are different from Arabs living in todays Kingdom of Jordan, or in Lebanon, or from the Palestinian Jews who always have lived in this area.


«A real state» should have a united people, who agree that they are «a people» who can live in peace, at least with each other. This in not the fact with the people who claims to be «Palestinian Arabs». They are not only divided politically and in their religious beliefs. They are also in civil war with each other. Does Hamas and Fatah agree on anything else, than their hate towards the Jewish people? What kind of «real state» can be founded under such circumstances?


«A real state» must serve some purpose. If the only base for such a state, is hate towards another people , and the existing neighboring state, we have to ask some serious question about its legal foundation. The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu are doing what the rest of the World should be doing. If a new Arab Palestinian state between Israel and Jordan shall have any legitimized right to exist, it have to either renounce violence against its neighbor, or it have to be a demilitarized stat.

In conclusion:

If there had not been a Spiritual war going on against Israel, this demand from the Israeli Prime Minister would not have been difficult to understand and accept. The Spirit of Allah, and the lies of Radical Islam, is slowly becoming the political correct view inside the circles of power.

The World do not longer know the difference between right and wrong. This «Palestinian land» belongs to the Jews. Nothing more, nothing less. Finally all nations shall rise against Israel for claiming the land is theirs. The last support the Jews will have for their claim, is the Word of God, found in the Bible. In the end, The Messiah will be their only hope and rescue.

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