Israel: Mossad will stop Iran from getting nuclear bomb

Meir Dagan, a former commando and retired general, took over Mossad in 2002. He has a mandate to monitor and sabotage the Iranian nuclear program ahead of any decision by Israel to launch full-scale preemptive strikes.

Director of Mossad, Meir Dagan
Director of Mossad, Meir Dagan

The Mossad has also been credited with spotting an alleged Syrian nuclear reactor which Israel bombed in 2007, and with assassinating Islamist guerrillas such as Imad Moughniyah of Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia, who was slain in Damascus in 2008.

The son of Holocaust refugees, Dagan, 64, has spearheaded assessments that a nuclear-armed Iran would present a mortal threat to Israel. Iran – which denies seeking the bomb – could produce its first such warhead by 2014, Dagan said last week

Western media reports have spoken of Mossad involvement in sabotage at Iranian nuclear facilities and sneak attacks on Iranian scientists and military personnel. Iranian media have reported the disruption of some suspected Israeli spy cells.

Source: The Israeli daily «Haaretz»

My comment:

If I was an enemy of Israel, I would be sacred of Mossad. Threre was a reason why Yasser Arafat did not sleep two nights in the same bed. The leadership in Iran is playing with fire, when they in public say they will destroy Israel.

I do not believe violence can solve anything, and the Jewish Messiah told us to bless those who persecute us. But how can we best become a blessing to those who are ready to kill millions of innocent people, by blowing the up with a nuclear bomb?

The Iranian doomsday clock is ticking
The Iranian doomsday clock is ticking

Reading the scriptures, I have come to the conclusion, that Israel has a right to self defense. Since God of Israel told them to look after Zion, they have to do so. Gideon was told to keep fewer soldiers, but not to fight without them. The Jewish preacher John the Baptist did not tell Jewish soldiers to leave their arms, but told them to act justly. Even Jesus told his disciples to carry with them a sword. In fact, two swords.

I guess these swords in todays World, would have included a preemptive strike on nuclear facilities in Iran?

Like Hitler needed to be stopped, Ahamdinejad and his Ayatollah needs to be brought to justice. Just like the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem has demanded, the Iranian leadership should be arrested and sent for a trial at the Haag war crimes tribunal, accused of inciting a new genocide on the Jewish people.

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