Two dozen Iranian journalists, bloggers arrested since elections

Iranian authorities have arrested 23 journalists and bloggers since post-election protests began a week ago, according to a media watchdog that says reporters are a priority target for Iran’s leadership.

An image promoting Reporters Without Borders.
An image promoting Reporters Without Borders.

Among those arrested was the head of the Association of Iranian Journalists, Reporters Without Borders said Sunday.

«It’s becoming more and more problematic for journalists», said Benoit Hervieu of the Paris-based group, also known by its French acronym RSF.

The group released a list of 23 Iranian journalists, editors and bloggers arrested since June 14, and says it has lost contact with several others believed detained or in hiding. Hervieu said RSF verified each arrest via its network of reporters and activists in Iran. No foreign journalists were on the list.

Source: The Associated Press

My comment:

You blogg readers, who are free to read this. Count you self lucky, not to live under the yoke of Islam. In Islamic countries, the religious authorities will like to think for you, decide what kind of thoughts that should run through your mind, and filter who you shall be able to talk to.

Once of the first thing Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler did after the came to power, was to take full control over media. Fascism has many different colors. But the tools they use are the same, and their rhetorics are similar. «Death to the Jews, and than there shall be peace».

Read more about Islamic control over media: Click here

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