Muslim head of BBC religious and ethical programs

The Church of England is tough in its criticism over BBC, who have made a Muslim the head over religious and ethical programs. «Christians are already portrayed as freaks in media».

Muslim Ahmed shall give Brition good BBC-programs on Chrisrianity
Muslim Aaqil Ahmed will head BBC-programs on Christianity.

Aaqil Ahmed is the new chief of religious programs in BBC. The Daily Telegraph reports that the Church of England will protest against fewer religious programs in BBC, and that the Christian faith has been portrayed as a faith for «strange» people.

Ahmed come to BBC from Channel 4, and is the second non-Christian to lead this department in BBC.
Many of Channel 4`s programs on Christianity must be categorized as hostile, unlike the channel´s coverage of other religions, claims Nigel Holmes, who is a member of the governing body of the Church of England.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

My comment:

This is just the logic consequence of the Islamic invasion of Europe. You have to ask your self: Would it be possible for a Christian to become the head over religious TV-programs in Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Iran?

If the answer is «No». Please tell me why we should let such a totalitarian religion keep one of its men in charge of religious programs in United Kingdom? What will be the consequences?

Read more about the Islamic invasion of Europe: Click here

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